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Even with 960 pages, I couldn't squeeze all the material I had into my book 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die. This mini-site is designed to supplement that book with updates, additional information and links... but obviously you'll still need a copy of the book!

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1001 Comics: Covers to the UK (left) and US (right) editions.

1001 Comics is an attempt at an historical survey of the best or most significant works in the medium. A 'canon' is of course almost impossible to fix and tie down definitively, especially in a medium that is so international and in constant flux. But perhaps now, in this internet era, we can really build a broader international perspective on comics, and get some grasp of the bigger picture.

With this aim in mind, certain titles have been included in the 1001 Comics list that are currently out of print or have yet to be translated into English. To have excluded them would have meant leaving out a vast wealth of top-class material. The 1001 Comics online database will be kept updated with details of available editions and translations, and will include extra cover images and extracts which I couldn't squeeze into the book.

Also, you can find more background information on how I put the book together in these interviews and discover the reaction to the 1001 list in these book reviews.

...and I look forward to receiving your online comments.

Paul Gravett
Editor, 1001 Comics


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