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Top 20 Graphic Novels, Comics & Manga: July 2019

Posted: May 5, 2019

For me the stand-out UK highlight for this July has to be Kate Charlesworth’s highly anticipated Sensible Footwear: A Girl’s Guide, in which she vividly recreates the often hidden history of lesbians in Britain from 1950 to the present. In sensitive wash illustrations, she evokes formative experiences of growing up in the North and the gradual realisation that she was ‘different’. And from the USA, we are being spoilt this year with not one but two graphic novels by Love & Rockets co-auteur Jaime Hernandez, crafting with real devotion some of the most compelling contemporary characters not just in comics, but in any medium. Read about these and my other PG Tips here…

Top 34 Graphic Novels, Comics & Manga: June 2019

Posted: May 2, 2019

More rich pickings this June when it comes to English-language comics, kicking off from Europe with a piercingly honest confessional by Ulli List (above) and an anthology of warped fantasies by the Bouncer team of Jodorowsky and Boucq (below). Read about all 34 of my latest PG Tips here…

Top 30 Graphic Novels, Comics & Manga: May 2019

Posted: March 2, 2019

The past may be forgiven but should never be forgotten. Graphic memoirs of injustices come to the fore this month -  from Japanese internment camps during America’s war years, to Korean women’s suffering at the hand of Japanese invaders, from Brazil’s 16th century kingdom of runaway slave to the Manchester massacre of Peterloo, 200 years ago this year. Thirty recommended new titles are previewed here for your reading pleasure…

Top 19 Graphic Novels, Comics & Manga: April 2019

Posted: February 4, 2019

It’s always a pleasure to discover fresh voices in comics, and this month is no exception with the debut of Ebony Flowers and first-time translations of graphic novels by the Italians Alessandro Tota and Davide Reviati. There’s also the welcome return of Lewis Trondheim, partnered with Stéphane Oiry on their new contemporary London detective, and of Japan’s Junji Ito and American webcomics wonder Emily Carroll with their latest marrow-chilling terrors…  Read about these and more of my PG Tips for titles due out from April 2019 here…

Top 18 Graphic Novels, Comics & Manga: March 2019

Posted: January 8, 2019

What’s coming out in March? Torn from today’s headlines, documentary-style comics like Guantánamo Kid and A Fire Story can get us closer to the individuals affected by the turbulent present we are living through today, to bring a deeper understanding and empathy.

Originally from Mexico and South Korea respectively, Inés Estrada and Lisa Wool-Rim Sjöblom create graphic novels which can help us connect with their distinctive worldviews and experiences, while Zidrou and Aimée de Jongh explore love and passion in a couple’s so-called twilight years, proving there are no rules about age.

And this month also brings the culmination of Seth’s rich and meditative Clyde Fans and the latest book by Jaime Hernandez, two North American geniuses at the top of their game. Explore and enjoy my recommended PG Tips here…

Top 22 Graphic Novels, Comics & Manga: February 2019

Posted: December 3, 2018

For my PG Trips due to be published from February 2019, the French are truly dominating the line-up, from their 19th century pioneer Cham, in a milestone collection of his seminal works annotated by expert historian David Kunzle, to several remarkable modern-day bandes dessinées translated into English… 

While on the American front, the country’s great songsmiths are celebrated in Lomax and Tales of the Music Makers, and Bloom from Panetta & Ganucheau promises a tender, slow-burning tale of young gay romance. Month-by-month, this ever-growing library of graphic novels really does offer that perfect comic for everyone… check out all my latest suggestions here…

Top 18 Graphic Novels, Comics & Manga: January 2019

Posted: November 11, 2018

Let me be perhaps the first person to wish you a Happy New Year, as I survey the new comics publications due to come into stores next January. The graphic novels New Life, The Scar and Off Season grapple with contemporary realities with rare perception… While two late, great virtuosos of comics art - America’s Alex Toth and Italy’s Sergio Toppi - reveal their geniuses in new collections. These are just of few of my strong suggestions for titles to look forward to in this imminent year of 2019… Read my latest PG Tips here…

Top 18 Graphic Novels, Comics & Manga: December 2018

Posted: September 28, 2018

Come and explore comics in all their variety and globality in this month’s gleanings. First, let me alert you especially to these two strong commentaries on womanhood and motherhood from France and Canada… Read about these and the rest of my December PG Tips here…

Top 32 Graphic Novels, Comics & Manga: November 2018

Posted: September 2, 2018

For me absolute top billing this November has to be the brand-new graphic novel by British wonder Posy Simmonds, Cassandra Darke, her first since Tamara Drewe. I’ve read it and it may well be her best work yet. Also recommended from these shores is 24 Panels, a benefit book with a top-notch roster of contributors, led by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie. Read the rest of my suggestions here…

Vannak Anan Prum: A Graphic Memoir of Modern Slavery

Posted: August 27, 2018

In 2005, former Cambodian soldier and monk Vannak Anan Prum (self-portrait above), newly married and expecting his first child, found himself unable to afford the hospital bill for his wife. Leaving his village on the promise of well-paid work from a bogus ‘job agent’, Prum was relocated to Thailand, where human-smuggling syndicates sold him to a Thai fishing boat owner. Read my profile of him and his new 2-page comic for ArtReview Asia magazine here…

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