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Even with 960 pages, I couldn't squeeze all the material I had into my book 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die. This mini-site is designed to supplement that book with updates, additional information and links... but obviously you'll still need a copy of the book!

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Before creating a list of 1001 Comics, as editor I began to recruit my 'Team 1001' of knowledgeable connoisseurs from all over the world, not just to write entries, but for their advice and feedback as we all built up the list. In the end, I involved 67 different co-writers from 27 different countries including the USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Norway, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, India and the Philippines. And I was determined not to have it overwhelmingly written by men, so I'm pleased that nearly a third of the writers are women.

Gerry Alanguilan
Rachid Alik
Carlos Baptista
Helena Baser
Bart Beaty
Stephen Betts
Michal Blazejczyk
Radoslaw Bolalek
Kai-Ming Cha
Les Coleman
Hikmat Darmawan
Jeremy Day
Ben Dickson
Juan Manuel Dominguez
Alfred Eichholtz
Nicolas Finet
Nigel Fletcher
Mel Gibson
Paul Gravett
Maggie Gray
Xavier Guilbert
Chrissie Harper
Tor Arne Hegna
Domingos Isabelinho
Jean-Paul Jennequin
Fiona Jerome
Ariel Kahn
Chie Kutsuwada
Guy Lawley
Tim Lehmann
Sarah Lightman
Ellen Lindner
Andrew Littlefield
Catriona MacLeod
Christian Marmonnier
Gert Meesters
Ann Miller
Alfons Moliné
Pedro Moura
Kim Nakho
Dominic Nolan
Andy Oliver
Huib van Opstal
Leif Packalen
Rikke Platz Cortsen
Frank Plowright
Edwin Pouncey
Ernesto Priego
Tomas Prokuoek
Harri Römpötti
Ian Rakoff
Richard Reynolds
David Roach
Roger Sabin
Jacques Samson
Hemant Sareen
Matthias Schneider
Jenni Scott
Tatsuya Seto
Matteo Stefanelli
Barry Stone
Fredrik Strömberg
Ai Takita-Lucas
Zika Tamburic
Tony Venezia
Simon Ward
Marc Weidenbaum
Matthias Wivel


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