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Explore the worlds of comics, graphic novels and manga through my blog, reviews & articles, creator profiles, books, exhibitions and things to do listings. As The Man At The Crossroads, I have been involved in comic publishing and promotion since 1981. Paul Gravett


Hervé Di Rosa: The Last Comic

“The great names in comics have affected me every bit as much as the great painters I love.” Growing up in the 1960s, relatively isolated in Sète on the French Mediterranean coast, Hervé Di Rosa got his culture fix from reproductions of fine art in books and from comics. “I saw no difference between them in scale or validity.” More...


Hervé Di Rosa:
The Last Comic

The French artist doesn't cite comics in a superficial way, he incorporates their techniques into his work. More...
Posted: May 13, 2015

Books To Read: Best Graphic Novels:
July 2015

Paul Gravett selects the most interesting comics, manga and graphic novels from the publisher advance listings. More...
Posted: May 2, 2015

Sonny Liew:
The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye

Liew's comics of recovery & discovery can connect us to pasts that may be forgotten or never remembered. More...
Posted: April 24, 2015

Comics & Politics:
Reading Between The Panels

From Tintin to Persepolis, here are five key examples of politically significant comics & graphic novels. More...
Posted: April 14, 2015

“Dell Comics Are Good Comics”:
Donald Duck, Pogo, Little Lulu & more

In such a profit-driven industry, certain writers & artists crafted lasting triumphs of the medium. More...
Posted: April 7, 2015


Paul Pope:
Pulp Hope

Pope is creating 21st century comics that can reach and speak to people everywhere. More...
Posted: January 29, 2014

PG Tips No. 11:
A Brit Comics Special

Reviews of comics by UK creators including Dave Gibbons, Eddie Campbell, Ian Edginton and Andrzej Klimowski. More...
Posted: May 27, 2007

Jack Kirby:
A Tale To Astonish

Jack Kirby's life seemed to be one of tantalizing yet unrealised possibilities. More...
Posted: April 10, 2008

Tom Gauld:
Goliath and Other Giants

Gauld's comics often play with contrasts in scale, between people, objects and ideas. More...
Posted: April 15, 2012

PG Previews:
March 2011

Paul Gravett selects the most interesting comics, manga and graphic novels from the publisher advance listings. More...
Posted: January 16, 2011


Wonderlands: The UK Graphic Novel Expo Sunderland
With Bryan & Mary Talbot, Dave Gibbons, Posy Simmonds, Dylan Horrocks, Hunt Emerson, Paul Rainey & Paul Gravett. More...
Where: University of Sunderland, City Campus, Sunderland
When: May 30, 2015

Dylan Horrocks in conversation with Roger Langridge
The New Zealand graphic novelists discuss their approaches at the AUSNZ Festival, hosted by Paul Gravett. £10/8/7. More...
Where: Great Hall, King's College, Strand WC2R 2LS
When: May 31, 2015 4.30-5.30pm

Comic Festival Munich 2015
With UK as guest, Dave McKean, Bryan & Mary Talbot & more attend, plus exhibits, fair & Awards. More...
Where: Various venues, Munich, Germany
When: June 4 to June 8, 2015

ELCAF 2015: 4th East London Comics & Arts Festival
Weekend of worldwide comics welcomes Jillian Tamaki, Michael Deforge, Max & others. £3/day or £5 both days. More...
Where: The Laundry & SPACE, Hackney, London E8
When: June 20 to June 21, 2015

Drawing Your Attention: Comics in The Arab World
Asia Alfasi, Lena Merhej (Samandal) & Andeel (Tok-Tok) talk at Shubbak Literature Festival with Paul Gravett. More...
Where: British Library, 96 Euston Rd, NW1 2DB
When: July 26, 2015 11am-12.15pm

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival
Guests include Darwyn Cooke & a Canadian contingent superstars & many more UK & international guests ! More...
Where: Kendal, Cumbria
When: October 16 to October 19, 2015


Comics Art:
The 21st Century Medium

Paul Gravett introduces previews from & reviews of his new book from Tate Publishing & Yale University Press. More...
Posted: November 4, 2013

1001 Comics:
You Must Read Before You Die

Paul Gravett explains the motivation behind his gigantic new 960-page guide to comics. More...
Posted: October 1, 2011

Graphic Novels:
An Introduction

What are graphic novels? The term has become distorted with prejudices and preconceptions. More...
Posted: June 6, 2009

An Introduction

The flood of translated manga is only the tiniest toenail clipping of the big, scary Godzilla that is manga. More...
Posted: April 23, 2006

Great British Comics:
An Introduction

Contrary to some claims that British comics are dead, in fact they continue to this day and are thriving. More...
Posted: July 30, 2006

Best Crime Comics:
Every Shade Of Noir

Fasten your seat belt, you're in for a foot-to-the-floor ride through a compendium of the cream of crime comics. More...
Posted: August 24, 2008

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