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Even with 960 pages, I couldn't squeeze all the material I had into my book 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die. This mini-site is designed to supplement that book with updates, additional information and links... but obviously you'll still need a copy of the book!

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100 Bullets
by Brian Azzarello & Eduardo Risso (1999)

100 Months
by John Hicklenton (2010)

by Paul Pope (2002)

110 Pills
by Magnus (1985)

2001 Nights
by Yukinobu Hoshino (1984)

20th Century Boys
by Naoki Urasawa (2000)

30 Days Of Night
by Steve Niles & Ben Templesmith (2002)

by Frank Miller & Lynn Varley (1998)

5 Is The Perfect Number
by Igort (2002)

by Yao Fei La (2000)

99 Ways To Tell A Story
by Matt Madden (2005)

A - Z
by Lars Arrhenius (2002)

A Child’s Life & Other Stories
by Phoebe Gloeckner (1998)

A Contract With God
by Will Eisner (1978)

A Distant Neighborhood
by Jiro Taniguchi (1998)

A History Of Violence
by John Wagner & Vince Locke (1997)

A Hundred Tales
by Sugiura Hinako (1988)

A Single Match
by Oji Suzuki (2010)

A Taste Of Chlorine
by Bastien Vivés (2008)

A Treasury Of Victorian Murder
by Rick Geary (1987)

A Week Of Kindness
by Max Ernst (1934)

Abe: Wrong For All The Right Reasons
by Glenn Dakin (2001)

Achille Talon
by Greg (1971)

Achtung Zelig!
by Krystian Rosenberg & Krzysztof Gawronkiewicz (2004)

Adèle Blanc-Sec: The Mad Scientist
by Jacques Tardi (1977)

AD: New Orleans After The Deluge
by Josh Neufeld (2007)

Ada In The Jungle
by Francesco Tullio Altan (1979)

Adam Strange
by Gardner Fox & Carmine Infantino (1958)

Adamson’s Adventures
by Oscar Jacobsson (1920)

Adolf: A Tale Of The Twentieth Century
by Osamu Tezuka (1983)

Age Of Bronze
by Eric Shanower (1998)

by Claire Bretécher (1988)

Air Mail
by Attilio Micheluzzi (1983)

by Amanda Vähämäki (2008)

by Katsuhiro Otomo (1982)

Alack Sinner
by Carlos Sampayo & José Muñoz (1975)

Alan Ford
by Max Bunker & Magnus (1969)

Alan’s War
by Emmanuel Guibert (2000)

Alberto The Wolf
by Silver (1974)

Alec: The Years Have Pants
by Eddie Campbell (2009)

by Russell Taylor & Charles Peattie (1987)

Alice In Sunderland
by Bryan Talbot (2007)

by Jacques Martin (1948)

All Star Superman
by Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely (2005)

Alley Oop
by V. T. Hamlin (1932)

Ally Sloper
by Charles Henry Ross & Marie Duval (1867)

Alpha… Directions
by Jens Harder (2009)

Amazing Spider-Man
by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko (1963)

Amazing Spider-Man: The Night Gwen Stacy Died
by Gerry Conway, Gil Kane & John Romita Snr (1973)

Amelia Rules!
by Jimmy Gownley (2001)

American Born Chinese
by Gene Luen Yang (2006)

American Elf
by James Kochalka (2002)

American Flagg!
by Howard Chaykin (1983)

American Splendor
by Harvey Pekar, Robert Crumb & Others (1976)

by Edward Gorey (1972)

Amy & Jordan
by Mark Beyer (2004)

by Nazario (1980)

Andy Capp
by Reg Smythe (1957)

by Full Kang (2004)

Apocalypse Meow
by Motofumi Kobayashi (1998)

by Lewis Trondheim (1995)

by Cailleteau Thierry, Olivier Vatine & Ciro Tota (1988)

by Joe Montana & John L Goldwater (1941)

by Daniel Varenne & Alex Varenne (1979)

by Moebius (1975)

by George Akiyama (1970)

Asterios Polyp
by David Mazzucchelli (2009)

Asterix At The Olympic Games
by René Goscinny & Albert Uderzo (1968)

Asterix In Britain
by René Goscinny & Albert Uderzo (1965)

Asterix In Corsica
by René Goscinny & Albert Uderzo (1973)

Asterix The Gladiator
by René Goscinny & Albert Uderzo (1962)

Astonishing X-Men
by Joss Whedon & John Cassaday (2004)

Astro Boy
by Osamu Tezuka (1951)

Astro City: Life In The Big City
by Kurt Busiek & Brent Anderson (1995)

Attack Of The Titans
by Hajime Isayama (2009)

by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby (1963)

Aya From Yopougon
by Marguerite Abouet & Clément Oubrérie (2005)

by Osamu Tezuka (1972)

by Léo (2000)

by Johnny Hart (1958)

Babe, Darling Of The Hills
by Gordon Rogers (1948)

Baby Blues
by Jerry Scott & Rick Kirkman (1990)

Baby’s In Black
by Arne Bellstorf (2010)

Bad People
by Étienne Davodeau (2005)

Bahadur: The Red Bricks House
by Aabid Surti, Jagjit Uppal & Govind Brahmania (1976)

Bakune Young
by Toyokazu Matsunaga (1995)

by Bob de Moor (1965)

Balthazar’s Feast
by Caran d'Ache (1881)

Banana Fish
by Akimi Yoshida (1985)

by Jean-Claude Forest (1962)

Bardin The Superrealist
by Max (1997)

Barefoot Gen
by Keiji Nakazawa (1973)

by Crockett Johnson (1942)

Barney & The Blue Note
by Philippe Paringaux & Jacques de Loustal (1986)

Barney Google & Snuffy Smith
by Billy DeBeck (1919)

Bash Street Kids
by Leo Baxendale (1954)

Bat Lash
by Sergio Aragonés, Dennis O'Neil & Nick Cardy (1968)

by Jiro Kuwata (1966)

by Bob Kane & Bill Finger (1939)

Batman: Arkham Asylum
by Grant Morrison & Dave McKean (1989)

Batman: Strange Apparitions
by Steve Englehart, Marshall Rogers & Others (1977)

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
by Frank Miller (1986)

Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again
by Frank Miller & Lynn Varley (2001)

Batman: The Killing Joke
by Alan Moore & Brian Bolland (1988)

Batman: Year One
by Frank Miller & David Mazzucchelli (1986)

Battle Angel Alita: Rusty Angel
by Yukito Kishiro (1990)

by Jeremy Love (2009)

Beau Peep
by Roger Kettle & Andrew Christine (1978)

Beetle Bailey
by Mort Walker (1950)

Beg The Question
by Bob Fingerman (1995)

Bell’s Theorem
by Matthias Schultheiss (1985)

Bella At The Bar
by John Armstrong & Others (1974)

by S. Clay Wilson (1971)

Berlin: City Of Stones
by Jason Lutes (2001)

Bernard Lermite
by Martin Veyron (1979)

by Kentaro Miura (1989)

Best Of Bitterkomix
by Conrad Botes & Anton Kannemeyer (1998)

Betty Boop
by Bud Counihan (1934)

by Various (2011)

by Mick Kidd & Chris Garratt (1982)

Big Numbers
by Alan Moore & Bill Sienkiewicz (1990)

Big Questions
by Anders Nilsen (1999)

Billy & Buddy
by Jean Roba (1959)

Binky Brown Meets The Holy Virgin Mary
by Justin Green (1972)

Birth Caul: A Shamanism Of Childhood
by Alan Moore & Eddie Campbell (1999)

Birthday Riots
by Nabiel Kanan (2001)

Black Blizzard
by Yoshihiro Tatsumi (1956)

Black Hole
by Charles Burns (1995)

Black Jack
by Osamu Tezuka (1973)

by Juan Díaz Canalès & Juanjo Guarnido (2000)

Blade Of The Immortal
by Hiroaki Samura (1994)

Blake & Mortimer: Mystery Of The Great Pyramid
by Edgar P Jacobs (1950)

Blake & Mortimer: S.O.S. Meteors
by Edgar P Jacobs (1959)

Blake & Mortimer: The Yellow M
by Edgar P Jacobs (1956)

by Craig Thompson (2003)

Blazing Combat
by Archie Goodwin & Others (1965)

by Tite Kubo (2001)

by Chic Young (1930)

Bloom County
by Berkeley Breathed (1980)

by Kiriko Nananan (1996)

Blue Pills
by Frederik Peeters (2001)

Bluecoats: Black Face
by Raoul Cauvin & Lambil (1982)

Body World
by Dash Shaw (2007)

Bogeyman Comics
by Rory Hayes (1969)

by Jeff Smith (1991)

by Mikio Igarashi (1986)

Books Of Magic
by Neil Gaiman & Others (1990)

by Aaron McGruder (1996)

Bosnian Fables
by Tomaz Lavric (1998)

Bosnian Flat Dog
by Max Andersson & Lars Sjunnesson (2004)

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
by Kim Deitch (2002)

Box Office Poison
by Alex Robinson (1996)

by Art Spiegelman (1978)

Brenda Starr, Reporter
by Dale Messick (1940)

Brick Bradford
by William Ritt & Clarence Gray (1933)

Bringing Up Father
by George McManus & Emil 'Zeke' Zekley (1913)

Brinkley Girls
by Nell Brinkley (1918)

by Frank Dickens (1961)

Britten & Brülightly
by Hannah Berry (2008)

Brooklyn Dreams
by J. M. DeMatteis & Glenn Barr (1994)

Buck Danny
by Jean-Michel Charlier & Victor Hubinon (1947)

Buck Rogers
by Philip Nowlan & Dick Calkins (1929)

by Osamu Tezuka (1972)

Buddy Does Seattle
by Peter Bagge (1994)

Buja’s Diary
by Seyeong O. (2001)

Buster Brown
by Richard Felton Outcault (1902)

Button Man: The Killing Game
by John Wagner & Arthur Ranson (1992)

C Comics
by Joe Brainard (1964)

by Dave McKean (1998)

Calvin & Hobbes
by Bill Watterson (1985)

Candy Candy
by Yumiko Igarashi & Kyoko Mizuki (1975)

Captain America
by Joe Simon & Jack Kirby (1941)

Captain Marvel Jr
by Ed Herron & Emmanuel Raboy (1941)

Captain Marvel: The Monster Society Of Evil
by Otto Binder & C. C. Beck (1943)

Captain Tsubasa
by Yoichi Takahashi (1981)

Carmen Cru
by Jean-Marc Lelong (1982)

Carol Day
by Peter Meriton & David Wright (1956)

Cartoon History Of The Universe
by Larry Gonick (1978)

Casanova’s Last Stand
by Hunt Emerson (1993)

Cash: I See A Darkness
by Reinhard Kleist (2006)

Castle Waiting
by Linda Medley (1996)

Cecil’s Quest
by Skála Frantisek (2007)

Cerebus: High Society
by Dave Sim (1986)

Chaminou & The Khrompire
by Raymond Macherot (1964)

Charley’s War
by Pat Mills & John Colquhoun (1979)

Cheech Wizard
by Vaughn Bodé (1966)

Chicken With Plums
by Marjane Satrapi (2004)

Children Of The Sea
by Daisuke Igarashi (2007)

by CLAMP (2000)

Cinema Panopticum
by Thomas Ott (2005)

Cities Of The Fantastic: The Tower
by Benoit Peeters & Fran&ccdeil;ois Schuiten (1986)

Citizen 13660
by Miné Okubo (1943)

City Hunter
by Tsukasa Hojo (1985)

City Of Glass
by Paul Karasik & David Mazzucchelli (1994)

by Milo Manara (1982)

by Jeffrey Brown (2002)

Cola Madness
by Gary Panter (2000)

Comanche Moon
by Jaxon (1979)

Comix 2000
by Various (1999)

by Luis Fernando (1985)

Commissioner Spada
by Gianluigi Gonano & Gianni De Luca (1970)

Completely MAD Don Martin
by Don Martin (1956)

Conan: Red Nails
by Roy Thomas & Barry Windsor-Smith (1973)

by Paul Chadwick (1986)

by Rene Rios (1949)

by Frank Godwin (1927)

Conquering Armies
by Jean-Pierre Dionnet & Jean-Claude Gal (1975)

Corto Maltese In Siberia
by Hugo Pratt (1980)

Corto Maltese: Ballad Of The Salty Sea
by Hugo Pratt (1967)

Cowboy Henk
by Kamagurka & Herr Seele (1981)

Crayon Shinchan
by Usui Yoshito (1990)

Creepy / Eerie
by Archie Goodwin & Steve Ditko (1966)

by Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips (2006)

Cromartie High School
by Eiji Nonaka (2000)

Cromwell Stone
by Andreas (1984)

Cul de Sac
by Richard Thompson (2004)

by Kevin Huizenga (2006)

by Jesús Blasco (1935)

Cyborg 009
by Ishinomori Shotaro (1964)

Daddy’s Girl
by Debbie Drechsler (1996)

Daily Delirium
by Miguelanxo Prado (1987)

Dan Dare
by Frank Hampson (1950)

Dance By The Light Of The Moon
by Judith Vanistendael (2007)

by Brian Michael Bendis & Alex Maleev (2001)

Daredevil: Born Again
by Frank Miller & David Mazzucchelli (1986)

Dark Thoughts
by André Franquin (1977)

by Fábio Moon & Gabriel Bá (2010)

DC: The New Frontier
by Darwyn Cooke (2004)

by Arnold Drake & Neal Adams (1967)

Death Note
by Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata (2003)

Death Of Superman
by Jerry Siegel & Curt Swan (1961)

by Steve Gerber & Sal Buscema (1975)

by Jacques Lob & Philippe Druillet (1972)

Den: Neverwhere
by Richard Corben (1977)

Dennis The Menace (UK)
by Davey Law (1951)

Dennis The Menace (USA)
by Hank Ketcham (1951)

by Jean-Philippe Stassen (2000)

Derek The Sheep
by Gary Northfield (2003)

Desperate Dan
by Albert Barnes & Dudley D Watkins (1937)

Destiny: A Novel In Pictures
by Otto Nückel (1926)

Detroit Metal City
by Kiminori Wakasugi (2005)

by Go Nagai (1972)

by Angela Giussani & Luciana Giussani (1962)

Dick Tracy
by Chester Gould (1931)

Didi Glitz
by Diane Noomin (1973)

Different Ugliness, Different Madness
by Marc Malès (2004)

Disappearance Diary
by Hideo Azuma (2005)

by Brian Wood & Riccardo Burchielli (2005)

Doing Time
by Kazuichi Hanawa (2000)

Dokebi Bride
by Marley (2004)

by Katsuhiro Otomo (1980)

Donald Duck & The Gilded Man
by Carl Barks (1952)

Donald Duck: A Christmas For Shacktown
by Carl Barks (1952)

by Garry Trudeau (1970)

by Fujio Fujiko (1969)

Dori Stories
by Dori Seda (1986)

Doug Wright’s Family
by Doug Wright (1949)

Dr. Strange
by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko (1963)

Dragon Ball
by Akira Toriyama (1984)

Dragon Head
by Minetaro Mochizuki (1995)

Dream Of The Rarebit Fiend
by Winsor McCay (1904)

Dreams & Somersaults
by Maurice Henry (1956)

Druuna: Morbus Gravis
by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri (1985)

Duncan The Wonder Dog
by Adam Hines (2010)

by Joann Sfar & Lewis Trondheim (1998)

Dykes To Watch Out For
by Alison Bechdel (1983)

Dylan Dog
by Tiziano Sclavi (1986)

by Kaiji Kawaguchi (1997)

by Kioskerman (2009)

by Stefan Van Dinther & Tobias Tycho Schalken (1997)

Elektra: Assassin
by Frank Miller & Bill Sienkiewicz (1986)

by Richard Pini & Wendy Pini (1978)

Emperor Of The Land Of The Rising Sun
by Ryoko Yamagishi (1980)

Enemy Ace
by Robert Kanigher & Joe Kubert (1965)

by Peter Milligan & Duncan Fegredo (1993)

by Tadeusz Baranowski (1985)

by David B (1996)

Eric the Norseman
by Hans G Kresse (1946)

Essex County Trilogy
by Jeff Lemire (2007)

by H.G. Oesterheld & Francisco Solano Lopez (1957)

Ethel & Ernest
by Raymond Briggs (1998)

Even A Monkey Can Draw Manga
by Kentaro Takekuma & Koji Aihara (1990)

Ex Machina
by Brian K Vaughan & Tony Harris (2004)

Exit Wounds
by Rutu Modan (2007)

by Bill Willingham & Mark Buckingham (2002)

Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers
by Gilbert Shelton (1968)

Faire Semblant C’est Mentir
by Dominique Goblet (2007)

Fantastic Four
by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby (1961)

Fantomas: The Elegant Menace
by Guillermo Mendizábal & Rubén Lara y Romero (1960)

Father & Son
by E. O. Plauen (1934)

by Jules Feiffer (1956)

Felix The Cat
by Otto Messmer (1923)

Fenouillard Family
by Christophe (1889)

Fever In Urbicand
by Benoit Peeters & François Schuiten (1983)

by Carla Speed McNeil (1996)

by Jerry Kramsky & Lorenzo Mattotti (1984)

Fist Of The Northstar
by Buronson & Tatsuo Hara (1983)

Five Seasons: Autumn
by Django & Igor Kordej (1990)

Five Star Stories
by Mamoru Nagano (1986)

Fix & Foxi
by Rolf Kauka (1953)

Flash Gordon
by Alex Raymond & Don Moore (1934)

Flash: The Flash Of Two Worlds
by Gardner Fox, Carmine Infantino & Joe Giella (1961)

by Eric Drooker (1992)

by Douglas Mount & Trog (1949)

by Park Kun-woong (2004)

by Simone Lia (2003)

Footnotes In Gaza
by Joe Sacco (2009)

Footrot Flats
by Murray Ball (1975)

For Better Or For Worse
by Lynn Johnston (1979)

Forget Sorrow: An Ancestral Tale
by Belle Yang (2010)

Fourth World / New Gods
by Jack Kirby (1971)

by Joanna Hellgren (2008)

by Jim Woodring (1990)

by Dick Briefer (1940)

Fraser Of Africa
by George Beardmore & Frank Bellamy (1960)

Freak Angels
by Warren Ellis & Paul Duffield (2008)

Freddy Lombard: The Comet Of Carthage
by Yann & Yves Chaland (1986)

Fritz The Cat
by Robert Crumb (1965)

From Eroica With Love
by Yasuko Aoike (1976)

From Hell
by Alan Moore & Eddie Campbell (1989)

From Inside
by John Bergin (1994)

Frontline Combat
by Harvey Kurtzman & Others (1952)

Fruits Basket
by Natsuki Takaya (1999)

by Claire Bretécher (1975)

by Jorge González (2008)

Fullmetal Alchemist
by Hiromu Arakawa (2001)

Fun Home
by Alison Bechdel (2007)

by Benjamin Rabier (1923)

Galaxy Express 999
by Leiji Matsumoto (1977)

by Jim Davis (1978)

Gasoline Alley
by Frank O King (1918)

GeGeGe no Kitaro
by Shigeru Mizuki (1959)

Gemma Bovery
by Posy Simmonds (1999)

by John Glashan (1978)

by Kio Shimoku (2002)

Get A Life
by Philippe Dupuy & Charles Berbérian (1989)

Get Your War On
by David Rees (2001)

Ghost In The Shell
by Masamune Shirow (1989)

Ghost World
by Daniel Clowes (1993)

Gil Jordan: Murder At High Tide
by Maurice Tillieux (1958)

Ginger Meggs
by Jimmy Bancks (1921)

by Mordillo (1973)

Giraffes In My Hair
by Bruce Paley & Carol Swain (2008)

Give Me Liberty
by Frank Miller & Dave Gibbons (1990)

Go, Bouzid, Go
by Slim (1981)

Gods’ Man
by Lynd Ward (1929)

GoGo Monster
by Taiyo Matsumoto (2000)

Golgo 13
by Takao Saito (1969)

Gomer Goof
by André Franquin (1957)

by Masashi Tanaka (1991)

Good Bye
by Yoshihiro Tatsumi (2002)

by Gustavo Arriola (1941)

Great Teacher Onizuka
by Toru Fujisawa (1997)

Green Lantern / Green Arrow
by Dennis O'Neil & Neal Adams (1970)

Groo The Wanderer
by Sergio Aragonés & Mark Evanier (1982)

by Christophe Blain (2007)

by Sonoyama Shunji (1965)

Hägar The Horrible
by Dik Browne (1973)

by Craig Thompson (2011)

Hair Shirt
by Patrick McEown (2010)

Happy Hooligan
by Frederick Burr Opper (1900)

Happy Mania
by Moyoco Anno (1996)

by Victor De la Fuente (1971)

He Done Her Wrong
by Milt Gross (1930)

by Matz & Colin Wilson (2004)

by Max Cabanes (1989)

by René Windig & Eddie de Jong (1987)

by Jamie Delano & John Ridgway (1988)

by Mike Mignola (1994)

by Shane O'Shea & Ogden Whitney (1964)

by Richard McGuire (1989)

Herlock Sholmes
by Zvonimir Furtinger & Julio Radilović (1957)

Heros The Spartan
by Tom Tully & Frank Bellamy (1962)

Hey, Wait…
by Jason (1999)

by Dylan Horrocks (1998)

Highway Of The Sun
by Baru (1994)

Homo Metropolis
by Nikoline Werdelin (1994)

Honey & Clover
by Chica Umino (2000)

Hotel Africa
by Hee Jung Park (1995)

How Blue Was My Valley
by Hok Tak Yeung (2002)

How To Be Everywhere
by Warren Craghead III (2007)

Howard The Duck
by Steve Gerber, Frank Brunner & Gene Colan (1973)

HP & Giuseppe Bergman
by Milo Manara (1978)

I Never Liked You
by Chester Brown (1991)

I Pity You: A Cartoonist’s Diary
by Philippe Dupuy & Charles Berbérian (1994)

I Shall Destroy All The Civilized Planets!
by Fletcher Hanks & Paul Karasik (2007)

I’ll Be Back Shortly
by Frank Odoi (2000)

Ice Haven
by Daniel Clowes (2005)

by Steve Bell (1981)

Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit
by Motoro Mase (2005)

by Hisashi Sakaguchi (1993)

In Search Of Shirley
by Cosey (1988)

Incredible Hulk
by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby & Steve Ditko (1962)

Indian Summer
by Hugo Pratt & Milo Manara (1983)

by Gabriella Giandelli (2005)

by Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker & Ryan Ottley (2002)

Iron Man: Demon In A Bottle
by David Michelinie & John Romita Jr (1979)

Isaac The Pirate
by Christophe Blain (2001)

It Was The War Of The Trenches
by Jacques Tardi (1982)

It’s A Bird
by Steven T Seagle & Teddy Kristiansen (2004)

It’s A Good Life, If You Don’t Weaken
by Seth (1996)

Iznogoud: The Caliph’s Vacation
by René Goscinny & Jean Tabary (1968)

by Kotobuki Shiriagari (2005)

Jack Survives
by Jerry Moriarty (1980)

by Norman Pett & Don Freeman (1932)

Janus Stark
by Tom Tully & Francisco Solano Lopez (1969)

Jeff Hawke
by Sydney Jordan (1954)

Jenifer (Creepy #74)
by Bruce Jones & Bernie Wrightson (1974)

by Hermann (1979)

Jerry Spring
by Jijé (1954)

Jimbo In Paradise
by Gary Panter (1988)

Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid On Earth
by Chris Ware (2000)

Jingle Jangle Comics
by George Carlson (1942)

Jiraiya The Ninja Boy
by Sugiura Shigeru (1956)

Joe Palooka
by Ham Fisher (1931)

Johnny The Homicidal Maniac
by Jhonen Vasquez (1995)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
by Hirohiko Araki (1987)

by Jef Nys (1958)

by Walter Fearne & Ken Reid (1958)

Jonas Fink
by Vittorio Giardino (1991)

by Fabrice Neaud (1996)

Judge Dredd: America
by John Wagner & Colin MacNeil (1990)

Judge Dredd: The Apocalypse War
by John Wagner, Alan Grant & Carlos Ezquerra (1982)

Julien Boisvert: Neekibo
by Dieter & Michel Plessix (1989)

Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer
by Ben Katchor (1988)

Jungle Book
by Harvey Kurtzman (1959)

Justice League International
by Keith Giffen, J. M. DeMatteis & Kevin Maguire (1987)

by Guido Crepax (1979)

by Ville Ranta (2008)

by Tom Of Finland (1968)

Kaliman, The Incredible Man
by Rafael Cutberto Navarro & Roberto Vásquez (1965)

Kamandi: The Last Boy On Earth
by Jack Kirby (1972)

Kampung Boy
by Lat (1979)

by Paul Grist (1993)

by Amruta Patil (2008)

by Matti Hagelberg (2004)

Ken Parker: Ballad Of Pat O’Shane
by Giancarlo Berardi & Ivo Milazzo (1978)

by Mark Millar & John Romita Jr (2008)

by Hideki Arai (2007)

Kiki de Montparnasse
by José-Louis Bocquet & Catel (2007)

by Ho Che Anderson (1992)

King Aroo
by Jack Kent (1950)

King Of Spades
by Luciano Bottaro (1969)

King Of The Flies
by Pirus & Mezzo (2005)

King Smurf
by Peyo & Yvan Delporte (1964)

Kingdom Come
by Mark Waid & Alex Ross (1996)

Kings In Disguise
by Jim Vance & Dan Burr (1988)

Kramers Ergot
by Sammy Harkham & Others (2000)

by Peter Pontiac (2000)

Krazy Kat
by George Herriman (1913)

La Faille
by Carlos Sampayo & Oscar Zárate (2010)

La Perdida
by Jessica Abel (2000)

Lady Snowblood
by Koike, Kazuo & Kazuo Kamimura (1972)

by Nick Abadzis (2007)

by Warren Tufts (1955)

Lanfeust Of Troy: Ivory Of The Magohamoth
by Christophe Arleston & Didier Tarquin (1994)

Largo Winch: The Heir, The W Group
by Jean Van Hamme & Philippe Francq (1990)

Legend Of Kamui
by Sanpei Shirato (1964)

Leon The Stuff
by Sylvain Chomet & Nicolas de Crécy (1993)

Leunig Strips
by Michael Leunig (1965)

by Peter Blegvad (1992)

Li’l Abner
by Al Capp (1934)

Lieutenant Blueberry: The Lost Dutchman’s Mine
by Jean-Michel Charlier & Moebius (1971)

Life In Hell
by Matt Groening (1980)

Life In The Open Air
by Jean-Marc Reiser (1970)

Life? Or Theater?
by Charlotte Salomon (1963)

Like A Velvet Glove Cast In Iron
by Daniel Clowes (1989)

by Ariel Schrag (2009)

Little Annie Fanny
by Harvey Kurtzman & Bill Elder (1962)

Little Archie
by Bob Bolling (1956)

Little Jimmy
by James Swinnerton (1904)

Little Lulu
by John Stanley & Irving Tripp (1945)

Little Nemo In Slumberland
by Winsor McCay (1905)

Little Orphan Annie
by Harold Gray (1924)

Little Star
by Andi Watson (2005)

Lobey Dosser
by Bud Neill (1949)

by Jaime Hernandez (1982)

Logicomix: An Epic Search For Truth
by Apostolos Doxiadis, Christos Papadimitrou & Alecos Papadatos (2008)

Lone Sloane: The Mystery Of The Abyss
by Philippe Druillet (1966)

Lone Wolf & Cub
by Kazuo Koike & Goseki Kojima (1970)

Lost Colony: The Snodgrass Conspiracy
by Grady Klein (2006)

Lost Girls
by Alan Moore & Melinda Gebbie (1991)

Lost In Time
by Jean-Claude Forest & Paul Gillon (1964)

by Julien Neel (2003)

by John Chalmers & Sandra Marrs (2000)

Louis Riel
by Chester Brown (1999)

Love That Bunch
by Aline Kominsky-Crumb (1990)

by Ludovic Debeurme (2006)

by Gabrielle Bell (2006)

Lucky Luke: Tortillas For The Daltons
by René Goscinny & Morris (1970)

by Rumiko Takahashi (1978)

Lupin III
by Monkey Punch (1967)

Luther Arkwright
by Bryan Talbot (1978)

by Tarmo Koivisot (1976)

by Tony Millionaire (1994)

by Ricardo Siri Liniers (2004)

by Harvey Kurtzman & Others (1952)

MAD Show-Stoppers
by Mort Drucker (1985)

Madam & Eve
by Stephen Francis & Rico Schacheri (1992)

by Mike Allred & Laura Allred (1990)

Madwoman Of The Sacred Heart
by Alejandro Jodorowsky & Moebius (1992)

by Brian Chippendale (2007)

Magic Mirror
by Ed Pinsent (2010)

Magnus: Robot Fighter
by Russ Manning (1963)

Mail Order Bride
by Mark Kalesniko (2001)

Maison Ikkoku
by Rumiko Takahashi (1980)

by Steve Gerber, John Buscema & Others (1971)

Mandrake The Magician
by Lee Falk & Phil Davis (1934)

by Archie Goodwin & Walt Simonson (1973)

Map Of My Heart
by John Porcellino (2009)

Marie-Gabrielle Of St. Eutrope
by Georges Pichard (1977)

Mark Of The Dog
by Silvio Cadelo (1989)

Market Day
by James Sturm (2010)

Marshal Law
by Pat Mills & Kevin O'Neill (1987)

Martin Mystère
by Alfredo Castelli & Giancarlo Alessandrini (1982)

Marvelman / Miracleman
by Mick Anglo, Alan Moore & Others (1954)

by Kurt Busiek & Alex Ross (1994)

Mask Of Glass
by Suzue Miuchi (1976)

Master Race
by Al Feldstein & Bernard Krigstein (1954)

Masterpiece Comics
by Robert Sikoryak (2009)

Matt Marriott
by Reg Taylor, James Edgar & Tony Weare (1955)

by Chris Reynolds (1990)

by Art Spiegelman (1977)

Max & Moritz
by Wilhelm Busch (1865)

Maybe… Maybe Not
by Ralf König (1987)

Mazinger Z
by Go Nagai (1972)

by Lewis Trondheim (1993)

Me & The Devil Blues
by Akira Hiramoto (2004)

by Jason Shiga (2001)

by Shafee Magdy El (2008)

by Ted McKeever (1991)

by Ben Haggarty & Adam Brockbank (2010)

Mickey Mouse
by Floyd Gottfredson & Ted Osborne (1933)

Mickey Mouse Meets The Air Pirates Funnies
by Dan O'Neill & Others (1971)

Mickey’s Inferno
by Guido Martina & Angelo Bioletto (1948)

Minute Movies
by Ed Wheelan (1921)

Misery Loves Comedy
by Ivan Brunetti (1995)

Miss Don’t Touch Me
by Hubert, Kerascoët & Sébastien Cosset (2006)

Miss Fury
by June Tarpé Mills (1941)

Miss Remarkable & Her Career
by Joanna Rubin Dranger (2001)

Mister Bonaventura
by Sto (1917)

Mister X
by Dean Motter, Gilbert Hernandez & Hernandez, Jaime (1983)

Miyoko Asagawa Kibun
by Shin'ichi Abe (1970)

Modern Art
by Joost Swarte (1980)

Modern Speed
by Blutch (2002)

Modesty Blaise
by Peter O'Donnell & Jim Holdaway (1963)

Monica’s Gang
by Maurício De Sousa (1970)

Monsieur Lambert
by Jean-Jacques Sempé (1965)

by Naoki Urasawa (1994)

Monster Men Bureiko Lullaby
by Takashi Nemoto (2008)

by Tove Jansson (1954)

Moon Mullins
by Frank Willard (1923)

by Gladys Parker (1939)

Mort & Phil
by Francisco Ibañez (1958)

Mort Cinder
by H.G. Oesterheld & Alberto Breccia (1962)

Mother Delilah
by Joe Simon & Jack Kirby (1950)

Mouse Guard: Fall 1152
by David Petersen (2006)

Moyasimon: Tales Of Agriculture
by Masayuki Ishikawa (2004)

MPD Psycho
by Eiji Otsuka & Sho-u Tajima (1997)

Mr Natural
by Robert Crumb (1967)

Mr Punch
by Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean (1994)

Mrs Weber’s Diary
by Posy Simmonds (1979)

Murder, Morphine & Me! (True Crime #3)
by Jack Cole (1947)

by Yuki Urushibara (1999)

Mutt & Jeff
by Bud Fisher (1907)

by Patrick McDonnell (1994)

by Osamu Tezuka (1976)

My Boy
by Olivier Schrauwen (2006)

My Dear Saturday
by Marcello Quintanilha (2009)

My Fears
by Sio (1971)

My Mommy Is In America & She Met Buffalo Bill
by Jean Regnaud & Emile Bravo (2007)

My New York Diary
by Julie Doucet (1999)

My Troubles With Women
by Robert Crumb (1992)

My Years of Youth
by He Youzhi (1988)

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