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British Library Announces Comics Unmasked Exhibition!

Posted: January 22, 2014

It’s official and covered today by BBC News, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Financial Times, and more. The British Library announced today that their major lead exhibition for 2014 is on British comics and entitled Comics Unmasked: Art & Anarchy in the UK. Joining me for the press launch this morning were co-curator John Harris Dunning and Watchmen co-creator and illustrator Dave Gibbons.

As well as previewing several key exhibits like this original pencil artwork by Frank Quitely for a Grant Morrison Batman comic book (detail below) and Victorian comics in full colour from The Illustrated London News, the BL made public today the news that the exhibition is being designed by the amazing comics creator, film-director and creative visionary Dave McKean. A preview video of the BL’s 2014 programme is now on YouTube (below). Keep an eye on my website, blog, Facebook and Twitter for updates - this is a landmark event for comics in Britain, not to be missed! Prepare for sensory overload!

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