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GRAPHIC NOVELS: Stories To Change Your Life

A Review By: Dallas Morning News

The following review appeared in Dallas Morning News.

With Graphic Novels: Everything You Need To Know, British journalist Paul Gravett has put together the most useful, most illuminating appreciation of graphic novels in print.

This isn’t about Mr. Gravett’s judgment; it’s how he and designer Peter Stanbury have put together their travel guide to comic books. It’s a visually smart treatment of a visually smart medium. After the required introductory defense of comics, Mr. Gravett focuses on 30 landmark works from Chris Ware’s Jimmy Corrigan to Frank Miller’s Sin City and Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha. Sample pages are explained, panel by panel. Then their influence is traced through other graphic novels. It’s like the cool art-history textbook you never had in high school.

One fat quibble: To reproduce entire pages, Graphic Novels often reduces them in size until their captions are eyestrainingly tiny. The book should come with its own magnifying glass.

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