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Top 27 Graphic Novels, Comics & Manga: May 2018

Posted: March 1, 2018

There’s much to look forward to this coming May in terms of high-quality comics. Among the stand-out works is the magical 400-page fantasy-allegory Garlandia, reuniting Lorenzo Mattotti with Jerry Kramsky.


Also translated from Europe come a graphic biography of French artist Nikki de Saint Phalle and the saga of an Ashkenazi Jewish family escaping from the pogroms of Russia for a new life on the pampas of Argentina.

Quite possibly the British debut graphic novel of the year will be John Harris Dunning’s twisted psycho-chiller Tumult, intensely visualised by the ridiculously intelligent, innovative and young British artist Michael Kennedy. Also highly recommended are new astutely observant graphic novels by Nick Drnaso from the USA and by Canada’s Hartley Lin (previously working under the anagrammatical pseudonym Ethan Rilly).


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