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Top 25 Comics, Graphic Novels & Manga: September 2016

Posted: July 6, 2016

Can you feel the vibes? The vibrancy of global comics culture is demonstrated at its brightest in these imminent offerings. They range from never-before-seen debut strips by the great Will Eisner to Alan Moore’s long, and long-anticipated prose novel Jerusalem. Cultural icons like Adolf Hitler, Aleister Crowley, Elvis Presley, Andy Warhol, Kurt Cobain and the Irishman hanged for treason Roger Casement feature in revelatory (semi-) or biographical graphic novels.

In particular, British comics past and present are in rude health, reviving at last the spooky classics in Misty, commemorating the 2,000th edition of 2000 AD, and with strong new works by Isabel Greenberg and Tom Gauld, while there are English translations of fine comics from France, Italy, Japan and Norway. Take a look below, I hope you find some comics to look forward to…  Read my PG Tips here…

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