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Interruption: RCA Visual Editor Exhibition

Posted: February 9, 2012

Last night I went to the private view in the Hockney Gallery at the Royal College of Art in London for Interruption, an exhibition of experimental sequential stories, most of them made into unique books by fifteen RCA students from diverse cultures (Poland, Mexico, Korea, among others) and studies, including animation and typography: Rachel Taylor, Giulia Garbin, Salt Tse-YIng Chiang, Cynthia M, Natalia Lewandowska, Anna Suwalowska, Miguel Angel Valdivia, Emma Rudge, Joseph Rudi Pielichaty, Yeni Kim, Lara Lee, Neringa Plange, Sophie Westerlind, Serena Katt and Phil Goss.

For many, this is their first taste of storytelling using still images, sometimes with, but mostly without text, and some using photograhs or even pop-up book technology. More or less new to narrative, the students all took part in the Visual Editor elective of the Visual Communication department. Andrzej Klimowski and Debbie Cooke set them the challenge of creating a story by requiring these constraints and contents: “An Interruption, A Female Acrobat, A Small Animal, and an Object from The Wellcome Collection.” I was invited in for a hugely enjoyable and stimulating day to watch each student’s presentation of their project and offer them some feedback.

Here are a few examples from the exhibited work, kindly photographed by Richard Doust (and to give you more of a flavour, take a look at last year’s Visual Editor on the theme ‘Panic!’). Go see these one-of-a-kind micro-editions for yourself. The show is on for free till Sunday February 12th.

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