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Best Comics of 2017: An International Perspective Part 2

Posted: May 6, 2018

More of my International Correspondents, connoisseurs across the planet - Matthias Wivel, Harri Römpötti, Matteo Stefanelli and Pedro Moura and more - recommend to you their favourite comics and graphic novels created and (in most cases) also published in each country they know well during last year. Read all about them here…

Top 22 Graphic Novels, Comics & Manga: July 2018

Posted: April 29, 2018

You wait for ages, and then three of your graphic novels get translated in the same month. This July, Belgian ‘scénariste extraordinaire’ Thierry Smolderen has three of his great BD albums released from three different publishers, demonstrating his virtuosity and versatility. For me, the standout has to be the compilation of his semi-fictionalised biography of Winsor McCay, a radiant, mind-expanding work I’ve been waiting for ages to see published in English. Read my July PG Tips here…

Best Comics of 2017: An International Perspective

Posted: April 15, 2018

You know, there’s an awfully big world of comics out there! And it’s that time again to invite my International Correspondents, connoisseurs across the planet - Juan Manuel Dominguez, Christian Gasser, Adrian Kinnaird, Lim Cheng Tju and Žika Tamburić - to recommend to you their favourite comics and graphic novels created and (in most cases) also published in each country they know well during last year. This annual International Perspective remains vital in my view to broaden our knowledge and appreciation of the diversity of this truly global medium. Discoveries await you…

Top 26 Graphic Novels, Comics & Manga: June 2018

Posted: March 30, 2018

Wonders really do never cease. Who would ever have predicted that the great British actor Jim Broadbent would pen a graphic novel, and based on a Breugel painting? Dull Margaret drawn by Dix tops my June 2018 listing of graphic novels, comics, manga and more for your consideration and perhaps delectation.

I’d also strongly suggest you investigate these two documentary graphic novels demonstrating the power of cartoon journalism to take us closer and deeper into our real world.

The otherworldly, transformative dimensions of Frank are revisited in Jim Woodring’s latest key instalment….

And for nourishing sustenance in comics, these short stories are sure to satisfy…

Take a look ahead here at what you may choose to read in the not-too-distant future, and thanks for joining me here each month…

Olivier Kugler: Reportage Comics

Posted: March 21, 2018

The proactive, attentive, sensitive approach of Olivier Kugler to graphic reportage takes him into firsthand, face-to-face exchanges with his subjects – confronting and communicating their experiences and realities in print and online press: from features in The Guardian and Harper’s magazine to full-length book projects. Read my profile and his new 2-page Strip here…

Hur Young-man: My Brilliant Korea

Posted: March 20, 2018

A household name and best-selling legend in South Korea, Hur Young-man deserves global acclaim as a remarkable maestro of multiple genres of manhwa, the South Korean name for comics, derived from the same two Chinese characters that gave us ‘manga’ in Japanese. Manhwa have become among the most diverse and dynamic comics in Asia. What began as a paper phenomenon, serialised in magazines, newspapers or 100-page booklets available from a network of ‘manhwabangs’ or rental libraries, has transformed in the 21st century into an explosion of addictive digital ‘webtoons’, downloaded in their millions every day.

These changes parallel Hur Young-man’s career so far of nearly fifty years, during which he has authored more than 150,000 pages for over one hundred series. Of these hits, spanning science fiction, comedy, boxing, baseball, gambling, political history, teen romance and Korean cuisine, twenty or so have been adapted into television shows, movies and games. Read my interview with him here…

Top 27 Graphic Novels, Comics & Manga: May 2018

Posted: March 1, 2018

There’s much to look forward to this coming May in terms of high-quality comics. Among the stand-out works is the magical 400-page fantasy-allegory Garlandia, reuniting Lorenzo Mattotti with Jerry Kramsky.


Also translated from Europe come a graphic biography of French artist Nikki de Saint Phalle and the saga of an Ashkenazi Jewish family escaping from the pogroms of Russia for a new life on the pampas of Argentina.

Quite possibly the British debut graphic novel of the year will be John Harris Dunning’s twisted psycho-chiller Tumult, intensely visualised by the ridiculously intelligent, innovative and young British artist Michael Kennedy. Also highly recommended are new astutely observant graphic novels by Nick Drnaso from the USA and by Canada’s Hartley Lin (previously working under the anagrammatical pseudonym Ethan Rilly).


Thank you for browsing through my suggestions here…. And join me every month for my next PG Tips…

Top 27 Graphic Novels, Comics & Manga: April 2018

Posted: February 18, 2018

Among my recommendations for your comics-reading this coming April, top of the list is The New World, a substantial compilation of Chris Reynolds’ endlessly fascinating Mauretania Comics, originally self-published in the British independent scene of the 1980s, and some of them featured in Escape Magazine. Beautifully edited and designed by Canadian cartoonist and Reynolds-admirer Seth for New York Review Comics, it makes an emphatic case for hailing this oeuvre as one of the modern masterpieces of the medium. Read about these and my other suggestions here…

Top 25 Graphic Novels, Comics & Manga: March 2018

Posted: December 29, 2017

Spring is arriving early, as it comes marching in next March, judging by the variety and high quality of my suggestions for your comics reading this month. My PG Tips in particular include the deliciously subversive collection of love stories in Bizarre Romance teaming up literary power couple Audrey Niffenegger and Eddie Campbell. Read my 25 PG Tips here…

Top 27 Graphic Novels, Comics & Manga: February 2018

Posted: December 9, 2017

A Mexican photographer’s biography, a lifelong lesbian love-story between two black women, a meditation on the role of art and the artist, and a suite of graphic impressions of jazz and its legends.

Just some of the individualistic, involving comics on the menu for your perusal and pleasure this coming February. Explore and enjoy…

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