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Below is a selection of links to interviews with me and various articles I have written to be found on the web.

Alternative Press (Jun 2010)
Tate Online (Jun 2010)
BBC World Service: The Forum (Dec 2009)
Metro: Comica '09 (Nov 2009)
BBC World Service: The Strand (Nov 2009)
Dazed Digital (Nov 2009)
Cartoons Are For Children (Nov 2009)
The Guardian: Comica '09 (Nov 2009)
Independent: Ian Rankin (Sep 2009)
Channel 4 More4 News: Disney Buys Marvel (Sep 2009)
Sunday Herald (Apr 2009)
Inkstuds Radio (Jan 2009)
The Pusher (Jan 2009)
Inkstuds (Nov 2008)
Panel Borders: Incredibly Strange Comics (Nov 2008)
Space Podcast (24 Oct 2008)
City Life (Oct 2008)
Forbidden Planet Blog (Aug 2008)
Panel Borders: Best Crime Comics (Jul 2008)
Indie Spinner Rack #99.5 (Nov 2007)
Daily Cross Hatch Part 1 (Aug 2007)
Daily Cross Hatch Part 2 (Aug 2007)
Daily Cross Hatch Part 3 (Aug 2007)
International Herald Tribune (Aug 2007)
Anime News Network (Jul 2007)
Broken Frontier Part 1 (Jun 2007)
Broken Frontier Part 2 (Jun 2007)
BBC Collective (Nov 2006)
Otaku (Aug 2006)
Diario Do Nordeste (Jul 2006)
Forbidden Planet International (Jul 2006)
Steve Bissette's Myrant (Jun 2006)
Associated Press (Mar 2006)
Publishers Weekly (Feb 2006)
South Bank Show: Manga Mania (Feb 2006)
Arte TV (Oct 2005)
Actua BD (Sep 2005)

Alan Moore Interview, Northampton (May 2010)
Kevin O'Neill Interview, Bristol SPX (May 2009)

The Guardian: Medical Comics (2010)
The Guardian: Osamu Tezuka (2010)
Times Online: How Manga Is Conquring Britain (2007)
BBC4: Comics Britannia - The Fun Factory (2007)
IA Link: Summer Reading (2007)
Lost In Translation: Panel Discussion (2006)
Lost In Translation: Do Comics Need Language (2006)
Strip Lit Is Joining The Literary Elite (Nov 2005)
The 20 Best European Graphic Novels You Haven't Read (2004)
The Enriching Wonders Of The 9th Art (2004)
Comics: A Brief History (2004)
Interview: Andi Watson (2002)

World Of Tintin Conference - National Maritime Museum, UK (2004)
World Of Tintin Conference - National Maritime Museum, UK (2004)
Alan Moore: Les Dessins Du Magicien - Charleroi, Belgium (2004)

David Berg (Jun 2002)
John Buscema (Apr 2002)
Will Eisner (Jan 2005)
Will Elder (Jun 2008)
Lee Falk (Mar 1999)
Steve Gerber (Apr 2008)
Ian Gray (Sep 2007)
Harry Hargreaves (Dec 2005)
Johnny Hart (May 2007)
Robert Kanigher (Jun 2002)
Hank Ketcham (Jul 2001)
Warren Kremer (Sep 2003)
Don Lawrence (Jan 2004)
Robert Nixon (Nov 2002)
Brant Parker (May 2007)
Eric Stanton (Apr 1999)
Alex Toth (Jun 2006)


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