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MANGA: Sixty Years Of Japanese Comics

A Review By: Tom Spurgeon, The Comics Reporter

Tom Spurgeon at The Comics Reporter has included Manga: 60 Years Of Japanese Comics in his list of ‘Best Comics Of The Decade’ list under ‘Works On The Subject Of Comics’. The list appeared at The Comics Reporter on 30 August 2009.

I have a number of hopes with the list I’m creating of potentially great comics of the 2000s. The first is that people will find the list useful in finding new comics for themselves - I’ve linked up the on-line comics list for your perusing and discovery pleasure. The second is to get people thinking about these great comics and many others. A third is that people will find this list useful as a starting point if they get roped into a best-of-decade list-making exercise at some point. I certainly don’t see this as a nominees list, or a list from which everyone’s choices of a top 10 or top 100 must come. I’m trying to refine the list and add too it - for instance, as many great comics as have been suggested no one, no one including me managed to remember Get Your War On, a potential top five iconic strip of this decade, for sure. I just added Copper. I have nothing by Jason Shiga.

So while I think we’re out of laundry list territory, I hope you might go over what follows and start to hold it accountable, particularly for any three or four comics/strips you think need to be there and on which we’ve totally gaped so far. The worse you make me feel with your e-mail, the better service you’ll be providing the list. Go on, give me a stomach ache.

(And thank you to everyone that helped out this week - it was difficult at times when the formatting was so different than that which I’m attempting here, so I apologize if I somehow dropped one or more of your suggestions, but it was all appreciated.)

I’m going to be working on this list off and on all day, refining it and adding in certain books when I see a gap, gardening the crap out of this list and I hope if you’re so inclined if you might take a few minutes and join me.


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