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A Review By: The Times

The following review appeared in The Times newspaper on 29 November 2008, as one of Neel Mukherjee’s selection of the The Times Christmas Graphic Novels for 2008.

Quirky is an underdescription for The Leather Nun and Other Incredibly Strange Comics, Paul Gravett and Peter Stanbury’s gorgeously produced collection of the some of the wackiest, beyond-the-pale comics ever written. I worry about the crowd Gravett and Stanbury hang out with or the duo’s choice of reading matter: where on earth did they excavate deranged gems such as the pornographic Amputee Love, or La Donna Ragna, the Italian porno-horror version of Spider-Man, or Trucker Fags in Denial - believe me, I’m not making all this up - or Genus: Special Extra Large Lesbian Unicorn Issue, or Hansi: The Girl Who Loved the Swastika? A wildly uproarious, perverted must-have.

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