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A Review By: The First Post

The following review by Danny Graydon appeared in The First Post, the free and independent daily current affairs magazine, on 23 September 2008.

Funny peculiar: One of comics’ greatest strengths is that no subject is off limits. Anything can be explored: superheroes, the Holocaust, philosophy, opera, relationships and - as Paul Gravett’s novelty tome The Leather Nun… helpfully teaches us - lesbian unicorns (yes, really)! In this highly enjoyable and often eye-opening jaunt through the outer reaches of comics’ weirder moments, mythical gay horses are just the tip of the iceberg. With more than sixty equally mad examples, highlights include the ultra-patriotism of Reagan’s Raiders (led by Ronnie himself), a sweet, blonde girl fanatically devoted to Nazism, Trucker Fags in Denial (which speaks for itself) and an exploration of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s (exceedingly) troubled youth. Non-PC heaven.

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