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A Review By: SFX Magazine

The following ‘bullet-time’ review appeared in the November 2008 edition of SFX Magazine.

This compact hardback provides a peek at the eye-popping covers of 60 of the world’s weirdest comics.

Some of them, like Reagan’s Raiders (in which the 75-year old president becomes a super-soldier) or the self-explanatory Trucker Fags In Denial are intentionally odd.

Others, particularly educational comics such as civil defense title Fire & Blast! or the disturbingly chipper Saving Can Be Fun!, are unintentionally amusing.

But our faves are the dirty ones, like the jaw-dropping Amputee Love, and La Donna Ragna, a copyright-flouting Italian porno-horror spin on Spider-Man.

Is it too early to say that this’d make a great stocking-filler? Probably. Sorry.

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