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GRAPHIC NOVELS: Stories To Change Your Life

A Review By: Page 45

Stephen Holland is a pioneering comics retailer and co-founder of the Nottingham-based, Page 45, one of the best comic shops in the UK.

Attractively accessible, lavishly illustrated and perfectly composed, with whole pages of sequential art for each graphic novel, so you can see how the individual creators actually tell their stories, with notes in the margin helping to give a little history or context to each piece… it serves not only as the ideal introduction to comics for complete novices, but also for those wishing to broaden their comicbook horizons towards many of the genuinely best graphic novels out there.  It is, I’m pleased to say, going to make any reader want to buy a whole slab of trade paperbacks.  It’ll also be the perfect book for students to plagiarise for their dissertations, so that (finally!) we don’t have to write them for them… May I suggest this as the ideal Christmas present, should you wish to be an ambassador for comics?


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