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GRAPHIC NOVELS: Stories To Change Your Life

A Review By: Metro

The following review by Larushka Ivan-Zadeth was published in the London newspaper Metro on 7th December 2005.

At last! Paul Gravett’s Graphic Novels: Stories To Change Your Life boldly jettisons superheroes to zoom in on the less-documented history of ‘graphic novels’: grown-up tales that use comic formats to grapple with ‘real life’ issues such as love, angst, illness and politics rather than Dr Evil death rays. Die-hard fans of this fascinating genre may find Gravett’s pass-notes approach a little ABC - each chapter boastes full-colour excerpts of key works such as Jimmy Corrigan, Sandman, Maus, etc. accompanied by ‘Notice here how…’ arrows. But if you’ve read and enjoyed the likes of Marjane Satrapi’s Iranian memoir Persepolis and want to know where to go next, this book throws windows open on to fresh new worlds - and isn’t that what comic books are all about?


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