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A Review By: Gosh! Comics

Gosh! Comics is one of the best comic shops in London and the following review by Hayley Campbell appeared on the Gosh! Comics Blog on 2 October 2008.

There’s something for everyone this week; we’ve got superheroes, rude words from Garth Ennis, sarcastic teenage girls from Dan Clowes, booze-drenched writers - and everything else you’d never think of (what about Amputee Love?) is covered in Paul Gravett and Peter Stanbury’s brand-spanking new book The Leather Nun And Other Incredibly Strange Comics! Peter and Paul have diligently scoured the darkest recesses of forgotten collections to gather the most weird and wonderful comics ever published. There’s purple people-eaters, surreal Japanese baseball dramas, gigantic alien monsters in swimming trunks (that’s not just holiday snaps from Blackpool Beach on an August afternoon), hip-hop superheroes fighting crime, and peasant-girl Hansi fervently worshipping the swastika. The Leather Nun herself really is something to behold. What would her mum say?

These 61 rare and bizarre comics are each featured in a colourful double-page spread with an eye-popping cover shown in full. Perhaps I’m being a bit previous, but at £9.99 this definitely looks like the best Christmas presents around for comic fans and perverts alike. Just ask Jonathan Ross - he says so on the cover, which features art by Black Hole’s Charles Burns!


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