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A Review By: Art Sleuth

Art Sleuth attended the opening night of the Unmasks Corruption exhibition on 6 November 2009.

Art Sleuth made it to two excellent openings last night. The first being Control.Alt.Shift’s Unmasked Corruption. Original artwork for Political comic strips have been amassed from all corners of the globe, trailing events such as the Iranian Election, Barak Obahma’s election and the Iraq War.

Some comics tackle dark and little reported human rights scandals; Unspeakable Things by Paul O’Connell gives an account of the African ‘blood diamond’ (and tin, and oil and more) crisis. Black Holes by Dave McKean (with text from an anonymous writer) provides a shocking insight into an alleged scandal involving the suppression of HIV sufferers and vanishing funds for treatment by the Chinese government. Another shocking story is that of the Skin Hunters in Poland from 1999 to 2002, a group of paramedics who delayed ambulances and killed off patients in a scam which gave them a cut of the funeral parlour fees of the victims, drawn by Janek Koza.

Some are more humorous, like the portrayal of Margaret Thatcher and her husband drawn by Hunt Emerson in 1987. Excerpts from Alan Moore’s new magazine Dodgem Logic are ingenious combining drawings and witty, off the wall story boards. A book of the cartoons and artwork from the exhibition is well worth the £5 fee.


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