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HOLY SH*T! (US Edition)

The Leather Nun & Other Incredibly Strange Comics (UK)
Holy Sh*t! The Worlds Weirdest Comic Books (USA)
by Paul Gravett & Peter Stanbury
$12.95, £9.99

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From leather nuns to lesbian unicorns, you won’t believe your eyes when you look inside The Leather Nun And Other Incredibly Strange Comics. From the creators of Graphic Novels and Great British Comics, this is a delirious collection of more than 60 of most weird and wonderful comics ever published.

Notorious comic book brainiacs Paul Gravett and Peter Stanbury have scoured the world to bring together a non-PC carnival of comic-book curiosities. American Presidents become muscle-bound superheroes, a massive Japanese monster plays basketball, cavemen fight giant tabby cats and a peasant girl fervently worships the swastika. Are you ready for Russia’s busty bombshell Octobriana? What about getting your groove on with Mod Love? Can you take the flesh-eating farm animals in The Barn of Fear? If you can stomach these, you might want to try Fatman the Human Flying Saucer, Chaplains at War, Amputee Love or Fast Willie Jackson.

Gravett & Stanbury present the ultimate parade of rare and crazy comics, each featured in a colourful double-page spread with the eye-popping cover shown on a full page. The Leather Nun will make the perfect quirky gift for comics fans, aficionados of pop culture - and anyone with a taste for offbeat humour.

“The perfect gift for any comic book lover or pervert in your life.”
Jonathan Ross


“... there should be something to amuse, amaze or offend just about everyone.”
Bear Alley

“This is a captivating little book.”
Fredrik Strömberg

“...the book is a source of great anecdotes...”
Tor Arne Hegna

“Gravett and Stanbury have again come up with the goods...”
Down The Tubes

“...our faves are the dirty ones...”
SFX Magazine

“ educational and fun read.”
David Lev

“One of those laurels I continue to rest my weary head on is Longshot Comics, which is discussed in [The Leather Nun]...”
Shane Simmonds

“...masterfully mischievous commentary...”
Page 45

“ is a nice stocking stuffer and the kind of thing you never mind receiving from someone else.”
The Comics Reporter

“...this definitely looks like the best Christmas present around...”
Gosh! Comics

“...the most bizarre, hilarious, disturbing curiosities ever to appear in sequential-graphic form.”
Comics DC

“...comics of truly unusual sensibilities, aka authentically weird through and through.”
The Comics Journal

“A wildly uproarious, perverted must-have.”
The Times

“An irresistible glimpse at the weirdest comics ever made.”
Bizarre Magazine

“5 Stars”

“Non-PC heaven.”
The First Post

“ of the few scholars with a really open curiosity about all the forms of the Ninth Art.”
Thierry Groensteen

“...gloriously odd little book...”
Ella Wredenfors

“...a small sample of the "darker" side of the comics medium...”
Ernesto Priego

“...this book reveals [Paul's] other side: a lover of comic books' ability to shock and surprise...”

“...will give you a serious case of the WTFs.”

“...exactly the sort of thing [Jonathan Ross]'d have made a Channel 4 series out of ...”
Forbidden Planet International


UK: Aurum Press, 2008
ISBN-10: 184513320X
ISBN-13: 978-1845133207

US: St. Martin’s Press, 2008
ISBN-10: 0312533950
ISBN-13: 978-0312533953

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