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Vannak Anan Prum:
A Graphic Memoir of Modern Slavery

A Cambodian survivor of human trafficking relates his four years of slavery on a Thai fishing vessel. More...
Posted: August 27, 2018

Hur Young-man:
My Brilliant Korea

A household name and best-selling legend in South Korea, Hur Young-man deserves global acclaim. More...
Posted: March 4, 2018

Best Comics of 2016: An International Perspective:
Year in Review

Chosen by Correspondents from Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Serbia, Singapore & Spain More...
Posted: September 23, 2017

Gaijin Mangaka: A Constant Light:

Posted: September 18, 2016

Capturing Life

For the Italian graphic novel maestro Igort, both Russia & Japan have coloured his life and his multi-faceted creativity. More...
Posted: July 10, 2016

Best Graphic Novels of 2015:
An International Perspective Part 1

Widen your horizons & explore the best of last year's comics from around the world... More...
Posted: February 8, 2016

My Top Ten Comics Of 2015:
Graphic Novels, Manga & More

Paul Gravett selects seven Top Tens of his favourite graphic novels, manga, reprints & books about comics. More...
Posted: January 1, 2016

Marcello Quintanilha:
A Brazilian in Barcelona

Though based for years in Barcelona, the gritty graphic novelist never feels even 10 centimetres away from Brazil. More...
Posted: October 29, 2015

Sonny Liew:
The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye

Liew's comics of recovery & discovery can connect us to pasts that may be forgotten or never remembered. More...
Posted: April 24, 2015

Ken Niimura:
Global Mangaka

The Spanish-born artist of I Kill Giants discusses his new solo book Henshin & making global comics in Tokyo. More...
Posted: March 15, 2015

Books To Read: Best Graphic Novels of 2014:
An International Perspective Part 2

Choices of the 1001 Comics Team from Australia, Belgium, Finland, Italy, New Zealand, The Philippines, Poland & Spain. More...
Posted: February 1, 2015

Books To Read: Best Graphic Novels of 2014:
An International Perspective Part 1

Choices of the 1001 Comics Team from Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Serbia, South Korea & Sweden. More...
Posted: January 15, 2015

Anne Opotowsky:
The Walled City Trilogy

The award-winning writer turns her fascination with the Walled City of Kowloon into a remarkable graphic novel trilogy. More...
Posted: June 15, 2014

Oscar Zarate:
A Lifelong Passion

Comics have shaped his life & fuelled collaborations with Alan Moore & Alexei Sayle and now his first solo graphic novel. More...
Posted: April 8, 2014

PG Tips - Best of 2013:
An International Perspective Part 2

More of the best comics from around our Comics Planet, from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, India & Sweden. More...
Posted: February 22, 2014

Sofiane Belaskri:
Reframe - Comics from Algeria

Many young Algerians long to escape to Europe. Belaskri understands them, because he used to be one of them. More...
Posted: November 18, 2013

Comics Art:
The 21st Century Medium

Paul Gravett introduces previews from & reviews of his new book from Tate Publishing & Yale University Press. More...
Posted: November 4, 2013

1001 Comics:
Going Global

How has the best-selling guide changed as it is published in French, Spanish, German, Italian and Czech? More...
Posted: August 18, 2013

Angoulême 2013:
A Report

Two British creators scooped prizes at this year's 40th Angoulême International Comics Festival... More...
Posted: March 31, 2013

PG Tips - Best of 2012:
An International Perspective

"There's lots of world out there." Global correspondents reveal their Best Comics of 2012 from their own countries. More...
Posted: January 27, 2013

Joumana Medelj:
Lebanon's First Superheroine

Meet the Beirut-based creator of Malaak, a distinctly local superheroine and the first of her kind in Lebanon. More...
Posted: July 1, 2012

Morgenstadt 2050:
Stories from Today & Tomorrow

Berlin comics group Moga Mobo join Asian artists to explore sustainability issues in the cities of today and the future. More...
Posted: April 1, 2012

39th Angoulême International Comics Festival:
A Short Report

The French festival provides a four-day tour de force at the cutting edge of comics. More...
Posted: March 4, 2012

PG Tips -The Best of 2011:
An International Perspective

Friends from around the world select their choices of the very best local comics of 2011. More...
Posted: February 11, 2012

Zeina Abirached:
A Game for Swallows

She is still haunted by her birthplace, Beirut, which is as much a character as a location in her graphic narratives. More...
Posted: January 15, 2012

World Comics:
There's A Whole World Out There

How could anyone get bored with comics, when there's a whole world of them out there? More...
Posted: October 14, 2007

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