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Comic Invention:
Interview with Co-Curator Laurence Grove

From hieroglyphics to Frank Quitely’s originals, this exhibition explores how comics are constantly being reinvented. More...
Posted: June 19, 2016

40 Years Of Wild Japanese Graphics

Three generations of Japanese artists are spotlighted in two landmark French exhibitions of underground manga art. More...
Posted: January 23, 2015

Comics Unmasked: Art and Anarchy In The UK:
A Co-Curator's Top Ten Best In Show

Ten outstanding items on display at the British Library's biggest ever exhibition of UK comics in this country. More...
Posted: July 13, 2014

Comics and the Critics:
A Freakish Kind of Writing

Comics have always had their critics but what lies behind their peculiar resistance to the blending of prose & pictures? More...
Posted: May 18, 2014

Comics Unmasked:
A Curator's Perspective

Paul Gravett explains the genesis of the PG16-rated exhibition he has co-curated for The British Library. More...
Posted: May 4, 2014

Comics Unmasked:
Art and Anarchy in the UK

The British Library hosts the UK's biggest comics exhibition to date on class, sexuality, violence, politics, heroes & drugs. More...
Posted: March 14, 2014

Let Me Feel Your Finger First:
Ontologically Anxious Organism

Like a twisted but unified universe, fresh members keep joining this dysfunctional, discomforting 'Familienalbum'. More...
Posted: March 3, 2013

Adventures in Comics 3:
The Great Tree

Local, national & international creators respond to this theme with extraordinary diversity & originality. More...
Posted: February 17, 2013

John Miers:
Score and Script

An interview with Miers about his comics experiment & exhibition involving 23 top British cartoonists. More...
Posted: December 6, 2012

Soft City in Milton Keynes

The Norwegian artist's lost masterpiece is being rediscovered in book form and a one-man touring exhibition. More...
Posted: August 17, 2012

On Eagle’s Wings:
The British Comics Boom 1950-1969

When Britain was a world powerhouse of comics publishing, commissioning national & international illustrators. More...
Posted: July 16, 2012

Posy Simmonds:
Essentially English

Her first career-spanning retrospective opens at the Belgian Comic Strip Centre. More...
Posted: June 3, 2012

Panoptica 1973-2011

The worlds of Disney and Lovecraft collide in the amazing comics of Spain's Max. More...
Posted: May 1, 2012

Robert Crumb:

On the eve of his first major museum retrospective in Paris, Crumb looks back and looks ahead. More...
Posted: April 8, 2012

Morgenstadt 2050:
Stories from Today & Tomorrow

Berlin comics group Moga Mobo join Asian artists to explore sustainability issues in the cities of today and the future. More...
Posted: April 1, 2012

Javier Mariscal:
Los Garriris

His next film project and exhibition reunite him with his talismanic cartoon critters Los Garriris. More...
Posted: March 13, 2011

That’s Novel:
Lifting Comics From The Page!

Surveying today's innovators in the comics medium with a special emphasis on the British-based cutting edge. More...
Posted: October 24, 2010

The Shapes Of Comics To Come

Hypercomics push against the traditional constraints of the printed comics page. More...
Posted: September 5, 2010

Rude Britannia

Although no longer selling over a million copies an issue, Viz remains as funny and merciless as ever. More...
Posted: August 29, 2010

Frames Of Reference:
The Progress Of British Comics

Paul Gravett charts the early origins and traditions of British humorous comics. More...
Posted: July 11, 2010

Comica Argentina:
A Rich Culture Of Cartoons & Comics

Comica celebrates Argentina's unusually rich culture of cartoons and comics. More...
Posted: June 13, 2010

Jack Kirby:
The House That Jack Built

No other single creator has had such a powerful impact on 20th century American comic books as Jack Kirby. More...
Posted: May 2, 2010

Tove Jansson's Dreamworld

Paul Gravett curates an exhibition celebrating the artistry and imagination of a unique, visionary storyteller. More...
Posted: March 7, 2010

Angoulême International BD Festival 2010:
The Annual French Celebration of Comics

This global convergence of amateurs, pros, comics creators and consumers, is the biggest in the world. More...
Posted: February 7, 2010

Hoshino Yukinobu:
Professor Munakata's British Museum Adventure

The British Museum plays host to the fictional ethnologist Professor Munakata. More...
Posted: January 1, 2010

PG Tips Special:
The Graphic Novelist's Progress

To know where we are going to, we need to know where we've come from. More...
Posted: December 20, 2009

The Bigger Picture

Explore an exhibition of fantastic images from contemporary comics, manga and graphic novels. More...
Posted: December 6, 2009

R. Crumb Uncovered

Robert Crumb can no longer be typecast and pigeon-holed in our media circus and public presumptions. More...
Posted: November 11, 2009

The Great War In Comics

We forget too easily that wars are not fought by the generals and commanders, but by ordinary people. More...
Posted: September 20, 2009

Javier Mariscal:
Mariscal's Miracles

He's an unstoppable force, bringing his natural spontaneity to everything he touches. More...
Posted: September 13, 2009

In Search Of The Atom Style:
Part 3

Use the mood of the past to rewire your brain for the future! More...
Posted: July 12, 2009

In Search Of The Atom Style:
Part 2

There is no risk of the Atom Style going out of style as international artists continue to use its playfulness. More...
Posted: June 8, 2009

In Search Of The Atom Style:
Part 1

The 'Atom Style' is a vibrant artistic movement - constantly changing, relevant and truly international. More...
Posted: May 31, 2009

Belgian Comics:
Frames Of Reference

An exhibition part of BD Comic Strip: Brussels 2009, a year-long, city-wide programme of comics activities. More...
Posted: April 7, 2009

Manga At The Royal Academy:
The Making Of Manga Mania

The modern Japanese comic owes much to the greatest of Japanese print artists, Utagawa Kuniyoshi. More...
Posted: March 22, 2009

Cult Fiction:
Intimate & Strange Situations

A cross-pollination has taken place between the worlds of comics and art over the years. More...
Posted: March 30, 2008

From Superman To The Rabbi’s Cat:
Jewish Comics

At the dawn of the 20th Century American comics were lowbrow art, devised by immigrants for immigrants. More...
Posted: December 21, 2007

Gary Panter:

He is a master of American comics and has not stopped re-imagining what comics can do. More...
Posted: June 15, 2007

Art Out Of Time:
Unknown Comics Visionaries

Dan Nadel is convinced that the comics work of 29 lesser-known, unsung, creators deserve reappraisal. More...
Posted: September 3, 2006

Masters Of American Comics:
Comic Art Comes In From The Cold

Is the art world's latest attempt to understand comics another fleeting flirtation? More...
Posted: August 27, 2006

Exhibiting Comics:
Making An Exhibition Of Themselves

How do you exhibit comics? Do comics even belong in museums and galleries? More...
Posted: August 20, 2006

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