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'Euro Comics'

Sotheby’s Comics Art Auction:
Nearly Four Million Euros of Originals

From Hergé to Chris Ware, this Paris sale reveals the shifting status & value of original comics art. More...
Posted: March 8, 2015

Books To Read: Best Graphic Novels of 2014:
An International Perspective Part 2

Choices of the 1001 Comics Team from Australia, Belgium, Finland, Italy, New Zealand, The Philippines, Poland & Spain. More...
Posted: February 1, 2015

Comics Art in Spain

Vapor, his latest graphic novel, purifies and condenses his cartooning and thinking still further. More...
Posted: November 14, 2014

Jean-Claude Forest’s Barbarella:
A Landmark in Adult French Comics

Barbarella was a truly liberating creation, not only for her creator but also for French & international comics. More...
Posted: September 25, 2014

Maciej Sieńczyk:
Adventures On A Desert Island

Reading the Polish writer-artist's work is like waking from one dream into another and yet another, never waking up. More...
Posted: September 14, 2014

Jacques Tardi:
Goddamn This War!

In Tardi's ongoing oeuvre, the unlearnt lessons of war after war have rarely been so forcefully communicated. More...
Posted: August 4, 2014

Emmanuel Guibert:
Memories And Memoirs

From war-torn Afghanistan to L.A. a century ago, Guibert turns his friends' memories into unforgettable memoirs. More...
Posted: July 21, 2014

Reinhard Kleist Interview:
Harry Haft - The Boxer

Polish Jewish boxer & Holocaust survivor Harry Haft is the latest subject of Kleist's compelling graphic biographies. More...
Posted: July 6, 2014

Francisco Sousa Lobo:
The Dying Draughtsman

Like a Kafkaesque 'K', 'Francisco Koppens' is the metafictional persona of the London-based Portuguese artist & writer. More...
Posted: April 23, 2014

Knut Larsson:
Mysteries of Life

The Swedish artist's speechless, soundless 'crocotopia' brims over with eerie elegance and eloquence. More...
Posted: March 23, 2014

PG Tips - Best of 2013:
An International Perspective Part 2

More of the best comics from around our Comics Planet, from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, India & Sweden. More...
Posted: February 22, 2014

Yves Chaland:
Dreams of Spirou

Frenchman Yves Chaland's long-held dream to draw Spirou was ultimately only partially realised, More...
Posted: December 15, 2013

Interview: Enki Bilal:
The End of A World

An attuned observer of global tensions who applies his visions fluidly between comics, films, paintings & other media. More...
Posted: October 6, 2013

Marc-Antoine Mathieu:
Prisoner of Dreams

Few have experimented as fiendishly with comics as this French genius in his Kafka-esqe nightmares. More...
Posted: September 23, 2013

Marion Fayolle:
Piecing It Together

Tensions between desire or despair, joy or jealousy, possession or freedom, haunt her fragments of life and love. More...
Posted: June 24, 2013

Enki Bilal:
Haunted by the Future

To understand him and his oeuvre means understanding the history he’s lived through, and lives with still. More...
Posted: June 16, 2013

BD & Comics Passion:
Something To Suit Every Passion

This third annual long weekender invites you to explore the very finest in British and French graphic novels. More...
Posted: May 19, 2013

François Schuiten:
Architect of the Fantastic

Schuiten constructs his Obscure Cities along utopian ideals but taken to thought-provoking extremes. More...
Posted: April 7, 2013

Frederik Peeters:

Extraordinary comics result from Peeters' improvised writing pictures & drawing words directly onto the page. More...
Posted: February 9, 2013

Nina Bunjevac:
Making Comics & Making Peace

Born in Canada, raised in Yugoslavia, Bunjevac uses comics to confront her issues about her father's death. More...
Posted: January 6, 2013

Diabolik & Fumetti Neri:
The Italian Comics Connection

Fifty years ago, Diabolik pushed against stifling censorship to pave the way for a boom in adult comics in Italy. More...
Posted: December 30, 2012

Sergio Toppi:
Master of the Impossible

A tribute to this Italian creator, the most influential comics visionary you may never have heard of. More...
Posted: December 22, 2012

Awards Season:
Audrey Spiry's En Silence

Some exciting choices and curious omissions for the best graphic novels of the year in Britain and France. More...
Posted: December 1, 2012

Jordi Bernet:
Black Ink, Black Humour

This virtuoso Spanish artist, famed for his gangster classic Torpedo, is being discovered on DC’s Jonah Hex. More...
Posted: November 18, 2012

Line Hoven:
Love Looks Away

From Germany, a daughter’s attempt to document how her parents grew up, met & married, all in scraperboard. More...
Posted: November 4, 2012

Asterix the Briton:
Anglicising the Gallic Warrior

How Goscinny & Uderzo's French hero first crossed the Channel to Britain as Little Fred & Beric the Brit. More...
Posted: October 7, 2012

Milo Manara & Federico Fellini:
Stories Without End

The overlapping worlds of two of Italy’s greatest maestros of their respective artforms, comics and film. More...
Posted: September 14, 2012

Soft City in Milton Keynes

The Norwegian artist's lost masterpiece is being rediscovered in book form and a one-man touring exhibition. More...
Posted: August 17, 2012

Rewriting Comics History:
Changing Perspectives

The history of the comics medium is not yet fully researched and written, with many figures and events being overlooked. More...
Posted: July 29, 2012

Frederik Peeters:
The Uncertainty Principle

This versatile Swiss graphic novelist sidesteps formulas to keep surprising himself as much as his readers. More...
Posted: June 24, 2012

Napoli Comicon:
Diabolik, Moebius, Moore & More

The 14th Comicon in Naples made some bold changes which heralded significant growth for the years ahead. More...
Posted: May 6, 2012

Panoptica 1973-2011

The worlds of Disney and Lovecraft collide in the amazing comics of Spain's Max. More...
Posted: May 1, 2012

39th Angoulême International Comics Festival:
A Short Report

The French festival provides a four-day tour de force at the cutting edge of comics. More...
Posted: March 4, 2012

Grzegorz Rosinski:

With sales in the millions, it's a highly successful and original hybrid of adventure, mythology and science fiction. More...
Posted: January 1, 2012

David B.:
The Armour Of The Night

For him the ritual of drawing holds a special power through his life. More...
Posted: November 13, 2011

Dave Gibbons:
Visions Of The Future

An interview with the Watchmen co-creator & star guest at BD & Comics Passion this weekend. More...
Posted: October 4, 2011

Reinhard Kleist:
Cuba & Castro

Asked by his publishers to visit any country he liked to create an illustrated travelogue, Kleist chose Cuba. More...
Posted: September 17, 2011

Marjane Satrapi:
The Power Of Memory

She relates with great humanity and humour growing up in Tehran under the Islamic regime. More...
Posted: August 14, 2011

Comics Culture in Yugoslavia:
World-Class Innovators & Remarkable Visionaries

This new book really blows the lid off of a treasure chest brimming with a cornucopia of gems More...
Posted: July 10, 2011

Unhappily Ever After

The French underground cartoonist and film-maker unleashes his wicked, warped humour. More...
Posted: June 12, 2011

Finnish Comics Annual 2011:
The Finnish Line

How do today's Finnish comics really compare to the output of other nations? More...
Posted: May 15, 2011

Lorenzo Mattotti:
The Magic & Music Of Comics

His revolutionary album Fires set the medium ablaze with possibility and poetry. More...
Posted: April 17, 2011

Angoulême 2011:
The Biggest & Best Comics Festival In The World

The San Diego Comicon pales next to Angoulême's quarter of a million visitors. More...
Posted: April 3, 2011

Jean Van Hamme:

A conspiracy thriller with gripping narratives, compelling characterisation and a complex, unpredictable plot. More...
Posted: March 20, 2011

Javier Mariscal:
Los Garriris

His next film project and exhibition reunite him with his talismanic cartoon critters Los Garriris. More...
Posted: March 13, 2011

Milo Manara:
Italian Comics Maestro

This Italian artist and author is one of the world's greatest illustrators of sensuous females in comics. More...
Posted: March 6, 2011

PG Tips - Best Of 2010:
An International Perspective - Part 3

Even more friends from around the world select their choices of the very best local comics of 2010. More...
Posted: February 13, 2011

PG Tips - The Best Of 2010:
An International Perspective - Part 2

More friends from around the world select their choices of the very best local comics of 2010. More...
Posted: February 6, 2011

PG Tips - The Best Of 2010:
An International Perspective - Part 1

Friends from around the world select their choices of the very best local comics of 2010. More...
Posted: January 23, 2011

Moebius & Jean Giraud:
Leading a Double Life - Part 2

Two of France's geniuses of contemporary comics are in fact one man. More...
Posted: January 9, 2011

Moebius & Jean Giraud:
Leading A Double-Life - Part 1

From sci-fi fantasies to gritty westerns, welcome to the incredible double life of France's comics geniuses. More...
Posted: December 19, 2010

Angoulême International BD Festival 2010:
The Annual French Celebration of Comics

This global convergence of amateurs, pros, comics creators and consumers, is the biggest in the world. More...
Posted: February 7, 2010

From Wonderland With Love:
Danish Comics In The Third Millennium

There is no doubt that this anthology proves the tremendous energy and diversity of Danish cartoonists. More...
Posted: December 27, 2009

Angoulême 2010:
The Best French Comics Of 2009

Which bandes dessinées are in contention to win this year's Angoulême Festival prizes? More...
Posted: December 13, 2009

Reinhard Kleist:
I See A Darkness

Reinhard Kleist discusses his critically acclaimed biography of Johnny Cash, I See A Darkness. More...
Posted: November 19, 2009

From Tintin To Perspolis

In continental Europe an extraordinarily vibrant culture of comics is flourishing. More...
Posted: November 15, 2009

Janek Koza:
Unmasking Corruption

Part of a boom in alternative comics in his native Poland, he exposes a recent chilling scandal. More...
Posted: November 1, 2009

Willy Linthout:
Years Of The Elephant

In his poignant, unflinchingly candid memoir he describes the sudden loss of his son through suicide. More...
Posted: October 25, 2009

Javier Mariscal:
Mariscal's Miracles

He's an unstoppable force, bringing his natural spontaneity to everything he touches. More...
Posted: September 13, 2009

Daniel Radcliffe:
What Comics Does Harry Potter Like Reading?

The Harry Potter actor, Daniel Radcliffe, talks comics with the weekly Belgian comic Spirou. More...
Posted: August 17, 2009

PG Tips Special:
Graphic Novels - An Eloquent Allusiveness

Where else can we examine past, present and future all at once before our eyes, and hold a life in our hands? More...
Posted: August 2, 2009

In Search Of The Atom Style:
Part 3

Use the mood of the past to rewire your brain for the future! More...
Posted: July 12, 2009

In Search Of The Atom Style:
Part 2

There is no risk of the Atom Style going out of style as international artists continue to use its playfulness. More...
Posted: June 8, 2009

In Search Of The Atom Style:
Part 1

The 'Atom Style' is a vibrant artistic movement - constantly changing, relevant and truly international. More...
Posted: May 31, 2009

Graphic Novels:
The Rise Of The Graphic Novel In Europe

Since early 19th century, graphic novels have existed but their development was cautious and sporadic. More...
Posted: May 13, 2009

Belgian Comics:
Frames Of Reference

An exhibition part of BD Comic Strip: Brussels 2009, a year-long, city-wide programme of comics activities. More...
Posted: April 7, 2009

Next Festival:
A New Festival In Linz, Austria

A new Austrian festival celebrates German creators and explores future technologies for the medium. More...
Posted: March 15, 2009

Angoulême 2009:
The International BD Festival

This modest city in southwest France is synonymous with comics, like Hay-on-Wye for books. More...
Posted: February 8, 2009

PG Tips No. 24:
The Best Of 2008 Part 3 - An International Perspective

Paul Gravett asks a few friends from around the world for their choices of the very best local comics of 2008. More...
Posted: January 11, 2009

Nicolas de Crécy:

You can read a lot, maybe too much, into this genre mash-up of gritty crime thriller and cartoon craziness. More...
Posted: December 21, 2008

Emmanuel Guibert:
Alan's War

Tender outlines and lustrous washes illuminate the World War II reminiscences of an American GI, Alan Cope. More...
Posted: November 2, 2008

Erlangen Comics Salon 2008:
The German Comics Festival

Discover a world of German comics at the Erlangen Comics Festival. More...
Posted: October 13, 2008

Why I Killed Peter:
A Powerful Autobiographical Memoir

Religion and sexuality resurface in recollections of growing up and keeping an agonising secret into adulthood. More...
Posted: September 7, 2008

Children’s Comics:
More Fun Next Week

Beano and Spirou turn a sprightly 70 and The DFC is a 'Double-Figures Comic'. More...
Posted: August 5, 2008

Hergé & The Clear Line:
Part 2

The influence of Hergé's clarity of drawing, composition and narrative shows no sign of fading. More...
Posted: May 11, 2008

Hergé & The Clear Line:
Part 1

In Tintin, Hergé developed his Clear Line approach to comics, which continues to influence cartoonists today. More...
Posted: April 20, 2008

BilBOlbul Festival 2008:
Fumetti Bolognese

Discover the world of Italian comics at the BilBOlbul Festival in Bologna. More...
Posted: March 16, 2008

Lost In Translation:
Do Comics Need Language?

Comics allow an extraordinary amount of creative freedom and we're still discovering how they work. More...
Posted: February 17, 2008

Comix Influx:
Translating BD

Stephen Betts discusses his new website, Comix Influx, which provides translations of French comics. More...
Posted: January 27, 2008

Paul Gravett:
The Bande Dessinée Interview

Paul Gravett reflects on the cultural and social phenomenon of French comics. More...
Posted: January 27, 2008

First Second:
Bridging Countries, Genres & Ages

First Second Books is by far the smartest, freshest, graphic novel line launched in the US in 2006. More...
Posted: October 7, 2007

Autarcic Comix Festival 1997:
The Future Belongs To Comics

The Autarcic comix movement embraces self-reliance and autonomy from the mainstream. More...
Posted: June 3, 2007

Hergé - One Hundred:
The Father Of Tintin

100 years after he was born, Hergé remains a figure who inspires devotion and controversy. More...
Posted: May 20, 2007

Francesca Ghermandi:
Cartoon Noir

Her 'cartoon noir' comics are so desperate and absurd that they become chillingly funny. More...
Posted: April 22, 2007

José Muñoz:
2007 Angoulême Grand Prix Winner

Paul Gravett and cartoonist Oscar Zarate explore the world of artist José Muñoz. More...
Posted: February 11, 2007

Angoulême 2007:
The International BD Festival

Changes at the 34th Festival International de la Bande Dessinée were not to everyone's liking. More...
Posted: February 4, 2007

Dirty Dishes Dish The Dirt

One man's messy, macabre and exultant confrontation with deep self-disgust and towering vanity. More...
Posted: January 28, 2007

PG Tips No. 7:
Euro Comics Special

Reviews books of and about European bandes dessinées.
Posted: December 17, 2006

Enki Bilal:
Immortal For Life

Discovering Hollywood had for years been copying from his comics, he decided to become a film director himself. More...
Posted: November 19, 2006

Hugo Pratt:
The Call Of The Sea

The life of Hugo Pratt was almost as adventurous as that of his fictional creation Corto Maltese. More...
Posted: October 29, 2006

Dupuy & Berberian:
A Double-Barrelled Partnership

The collaboration between Dupuy and Berberian has become a third person, with the sum greater than the parts. More...
Posted: April 16, 2006

Angoulême 2006:
The International BD Festival

Paul Gravett reports on the four-day feast of global comics culture like no other. More...
Posted: February 26, 2006

Lewis Trondheim:
Angoulême Grand Prix Winner 2006

Winner of the highest honour at the 2006 French BD Festival, he remains defiantly spontaneous and prolific. More...
Posted: February 5, 2006

Hergé & Tintin:
Discover A World Of Tintinology

No comic creator or character has inspired so many books to be written as these two Belgian institutions. More...
Posted: January 15, 2006

Tintin At The Barbican:
A Theatre Review

Paul Gravett reviews the Young Vic's stage adaptation of Hergé's favourite Tintin story, Tintin In Tibet. More...
Posted: January 15, 2006

Tintin & Snowy:
A Boy & His Dog

While America has its costumed musclemen, Belgium has a spunky youngster in plus-four trousers. More...
Posted: January 8, 2006

Schuiten & Peeters:
Cities Of The Fantastic

Explore grand designs of architectural impossibilities realised in ravishing, meticulous sequential art. More...
Posted: December 18, 2005

France’s New Wave:
Lewis Trondheim & David B.

As co-founders of publisher, L'Association, Lewis Trondheim & David B have revolutionised French comics. More...
Posted: November 27, 2005

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