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'Erotic Comics'

Maurice Vellekoop:
Cockadoodle: The Erogenous Art Of Maurice Vellekoop

The Canadian author & illustrator of comics & erotica is planning his coming-out & coming-of-age graphic memoir More...
Posted: February 8, 2015

Jean-Claude Forest’s Barbarella:
A Landmark in Adult French Comics

Barbarella was a truly liberating creation, not only for her creator but also for French & international comics. More...
Posted: September 25, 2014

Milo Manara:
Italian Comics Maestro

This Italian artist and author is one of the world's greatest illustrators of sensuous females in comics. More...
Posted: March 6, 2011

PG Tips - The Best Of 2010:
Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

A year end review of the best comics, graphic novels and manga of 2010. More...
Posted: January 2, 2011

Oliver Frey:
Men Of Flesh & Fantasy

From Dan Dare to Bike Boy, Frey brings a distinctive masculinity and sensuous physicality to his art. More...
Posted: August 8, 2010

Erotic Comics:
A Graphic History Vol 2

"This is hardcore", Tim Pilcher alerts us, in his introduction to the sequel to his two-part history of erotic comics. More...
Posted: May 18, 2009

Secret Identity:
The Fetish Art Of Joe Shuster

It's Superman, as you've never seen him before - prostrate, manacled, topless - as he's lashed by Lois Lane. More...
Posted: March 8, 2009

Erotic Comics:
A Graphic History Vol 1

Tim Pilcher's Erotic Comics is a highly illustrated romp through the history of sex in comics. More...
Posted: November 20, 2008

PG Tips No. 19:
For Adults Only

In a PG Tips special, Paul reviews X-rated comics suitable for adults only. More...
Posted: June 29, 2008

Alan Moore:
No More Sex

Shoehorning women back into the kitchen, gays into the cloest and sex into the marital bedroom. More...
Posted: January 13, 2008

Alan Moore:
The 'Lost' Interview

Alan Moore discusses whether Lost Girls should be considered pornography. More...
Posted: January 13, 2008

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