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Comics & Conflicts:
Comics Go To War

A conference and activities day explore how comics represent the experience of war and conflict. More...
Posted: August 9, 2011

Lorenzo Mattotti:
The Magic & Music Of Comics

His revolutionary album Fires set the medium ablaze with possibility and poetry. More...
Posted: April 17, 2011

That’s Novel:
Lifting Comics From The Page!

Surveying today's innovators in the comics medium with a special emphasis on the British-based cutting edge. More...
Posted: October 24, 2010

Comica Argentina:
A Rich Culture Of Cartoons & Comics

Comica celebrates Argentina's unusually rich culture of cartoons and comics. More...
Posted: June 13, 2010

Hoshino Yukinobu:
Professor Munakata's British Museum Adventure

The British Museum plays host to the fictional ethnologist Professor Munakata. More...
Posted: January 1, 2010

The Bigger Picture

Explore an exhibition of fantastic images from contemporary comics, manga and graphic novels. More...
Posted: December 6, 2009

Reinhard Kleist:
I See A Darkness

Reinhard Kleist discusses his critically acclaimed biography of Johnny Cash, I See A Darkness. More...
Posted: November 19, 2009

R. Crumb Uncovered

Robert Crumb can no longer be typecast and pigeon-holed in our media circus and public presumptions. More...
Posted: November 11, 2009

Comica ‘09:
Busted Jesus Comix

This powerfully emotional play reimagines the notorious trial and conviction of comix creator Mike Diana. More...
Posted: November 5, 2009

Paul Gravett:
Examining The Politics Of Comics

Paul Gravett discusses the new comics anthology Ctrl.Alt.Shift Unmasks Corruption which launches at Comica '09. More...
Posted: November 4, 2009

Comica Festival 2009:
London Is Bubbling Over With Comics!

Comica Director, Paul Gravett discusses with Matt Badham his ambitions for this year's Comica Festival. More...
Posted: October 30, 2009

Willy Linthout:
Years Of The Elephant

In his poignant, unflinchingly candid memoir he describes the sudden loss of his son through suicide. More...
Posted: October 25, 2009

John Harris Dunning & Nikhil Singh:
Salem Brownstone

This new century demands a new charismatic comic-book magician to weave his spells on us. More...
Posted: October 18, 2009

Laura Oldfield Ford:
Savage Messiah

Punk's provocation and politicisation has fuelled her low-tech, high-touch, photocopied, self-published zine. More...
Posted: October 4, 2009

Lingua Comica:
A Comics Cultural Exchange Project

The global language of comics is a powerful and successful force in bridging cultures. More...
Posted: July 6, 2008

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