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Even with 960 pages, I couldn't squeeze all the material I had into my book 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die. This mini-site is designed to supplement that book with updates, additional information and links... but obviously you'll still need a copy of the book!

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by David B

Original publisher: L'Association (France)
First published: 1996
Reviewed by: Bart Beaty
Genre: Autobiographical, Medical


David B.‘s sprawling tale of his family is a masterful depiction of people searching for answers when there may be none. David B. is clearly one of the best storytellers in the medium of comics. - Joe Sacco

A painfully honest examination of the effects of debilitating epilepsy on one man and his family, told through a combination of straightforward text and expressionist imagery that ranges in its palette from centuries-old symbolism to the secret worlds of childhood. Even as he shows up the hollow promises of every school of esoteric and alternative medicine his family encounters in their quest for help, David B. works a real kind of deeply human magic on the page - something forged from black ink and a soul’s struggle - that marks Epileptic as one of the first truly great narrative artworks of the new millennium. - Jason Lutes


Pantheon Books, USA, 2005

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